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History of Monvesia, Part 1: Ancient Era

ybe = years before the [Divine Senarian] Empire
ye = year of the [Divine Senarian] Empire
The most likely "universal" date count.
ybk = years before the Kleimland
yk = year of the Kleimland
The dates as counted during my original campaign.
Each age is roughly 1,000 years, but it not exactly a millennium.  During the ancient era detailed below, events seem to hold to the one-millennium-per-age rule--but only because exact dates aren't plausible.

First Age / Spiritual Age

Over 3,000 ybe (Over 4,000 ybk)

  • Dwarves, elves and rakasta are the three races native to Monvesia. 
  • Humans and Giants are native to a distant region of the mortal world called the land of Prosperity. 
  • Lizardfolk are native to a region between these--on the border between the Forest of Vines and Sea of Sand.
  • The HMDJVNW (“am-div-nu”) arrive in the land of Prosperity from the Parasphere, beginning a centuries-long war with the giants.
  • The first dwarves ascend to sainthood--these are possibly the first mortals to ascend.
  • Some dwarves learn magic from the elves, and are abandoned by the paragons for their transgression--these dwarves become the gnomes.
  • As the giant races near extinction at the hands of the HMDJVNW, they choose six humans to carry on their legacy as the patriarchs of the goliaths
  • By the end of the Giant-HMDJVNW War, the land of Prosperity has been transformed into the land of Desolation.
  • The HMDJVNW enslave the human and goliath races by psychological and emotional means.  They create the Taint to prevent human and goliath cultures from developing enough to become a threat--creating orcs and ogres.

Second Age / Luminous Age

Circa 3,000 ybe (Circa 4,000 ybk) 

  • Formation of the Cult of Human Perseverance as part of a resistance movement. Humans and goliaths revolt against the HMDJVNW.
  • Goliaths arrive in Monvesia by sea, hoping to escape a curse in their homeland. The goliaths spread through the southern portions of elf lands.

Circa 2,900 ybe (Circa 3,900 ybk)

  • A new strain of Taint emerges in Monvesia, transforming goliaths into trolls; some other goliaths continue to transform into ogres

Cira 2,500 ybe (Circa 3,500 ybk)

  • The human exodus passes through the Forest of Vines and enters the Sea of Sand.  Humanity encounters lizardfolk for the first time.

Less Than 2,500 ybe (Less Than 3,500 ybk)

  • The awakening of the vanara in the Forest of Vines.  A drop in the lizardfolk population after encountering humans allows the vanara race and culture to flourish.  [These changes in the region are later attributed to the lingering effects of Taint in the wake of the human exodus.]

Over 2,000 ybe (Over 3,000 ybk)

  • Taint spreads to the other races of Monvesia--creating goblins, hobgoblins, and gnolls.  Elves are not transformed.
  • The first humans ascend to sainthood.

Third Age / Igneous Age

Circa 2,000 ybe (Circa 3,000 ybk)

  • Humans arrive in Monvesia after crossing the Sea of Sand. They settle in the southern portions of rakasta territory [Veldistan].

Less Than 2,000 ybe (Less Than 3,000 ybk)

  • Monvesia-strain Taint spreads to humankind, creating bugbears.
  • Lizardfolk sightings begin in Monvesia; many do not believe this elusive race could not have traveled this far, but sightings become more prevalent over time. While they are accepted as a presence, they are still rarely ever seen.
Circa 1,500 ybe (Circa 2,500 ybk)
  • Composition of The Hierophany of Mohas--the founding text of Temperamental Philosophy.  In this work, Mohas explores: 1) the inevitable ascension of his companion Baltus, whom he identifies as an "Anointed One," and 2) the cosmology of the Spheres and their inhabitants.
  • Humans expand into elvish territory [Notopoli, Cuorria]

Fourth Age / Terrestrial Age

Circa 1,000 ybe (Circa 2,500 ybk)

  • Humans expand into dwarven territory [Honderreich].

Circa 500 ybe (Circa 1,500 ybk)

  • Humans expand into the northwest [Galtain] and east [Voztok].

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