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History of Monvesia: Sixth Age

ybe = years before the [Divine Drajan] Empire
ye = year of the [Divine Drajan] Empire
The most likely "universal" date count.
ybk = years before the Kleimland
yk = year of the Kleimland
The dates as counted during my original campaign in this world.
The Sixth Age covers the entirety of campaign time--including those major events which directly effected the backgrounds of my first group of player characters.

Sixth Age / Aqueous Age

Circa 995 ye (Circa 5 ybk) 

  • During the short-lived Badenburg Rebellion, Rathbone I is killed. He is succeeded by his son, King Theodore II. Duke Harlan of Badenburg is executed; a loyalist cousin of the new king succeeds Harlan as Margrave of Badenburg; the nobles that supported Harlan are stripped of their titles, and the merchant families that funded him are massacred.

After 995 ye (Less Than 5ybk) 

  • The Duke of Waschbar and King of Vastria publicly disagree over the continued Verderben conflict. The Duke threatens to back out of the Vasterreich if the war continues.

998 ye (1 year before the Kleimland)

  • Theodore II sent troops to the River Kleim with the intention of annexing the Eastern Baronies region, including Kynnys, to the Hindland

999 ye (1st Year of the Kleimland)

  • The Disciples of the Lost Sphere makes itself known in Kynnysshire; Bargle and Abu Ghabar are killed, Elwyn is captured.
  • The Margrave of Kynnys posthumously declares Clifton Caldwell the first Baron Caldwell--granting that title the lands of Threshold and Lake Ursprung; after a tournament, Maria ("the Singing and Dancing Nun") is declared the second Baron[ess] Caldwell and granted all associated lands.
  • The Burgrave of Utford, one of the Eastern Baronies (just south of Kynnys), swears fealty to King Theodore II; the burgrave is elevated to Margrave of the Kleimland--a march county to consist of whatever lands he can secure in the name of the Hindland. Destruction of the wizard academy in Utford.
  • The Inner Circe of the Disciples of the Lost Sphere depart the Honderreich for the Isle of Dread in Xahaca; death of Zanzer Tem.

1,000 ye / (2nd Year of the Kleimland)

  • The Margrave of Kynnys declares himself Duke of the Kleimland, claiming himself the rightful ruler of all lands "granted" to Utford by King Theodore; the Baron of Gulboro (south of Utford) swears fealty to the new Duke. The southern portions of the Duke's Kleimland is given to Gulboro as Gulmark.
  • Refugees from Utford gather under the protection of the Duke of the Kleimland west of the river Kleim.
  • Theodore II declares that the Hindland is a nation for humans only. Templars from the Order of the Rose and Shield spread across the nations to drive off or slay any non-humans in the territory.
  • Survivors of the Badenerg Rebellion ally with non-human refugees from the Hindland (predominantly rakasta and gnomes) to form an army poised to reclaim Badenberg's free sovereignty. The "true heir" of the duchy is claimed to be the lost son of a slaughtered merchant family. Upon news of the heir's death, the rebels sought his body for resurrection.
  • A renewed outbreak of Taint threatens to transform much of the world population in to goblinoids.
  • The heroes Cora, James and their companions travel to the Isle of Dread in pursuit of the Disciples of the Lost Sphere.

1,001 ye (3rd Year of the Kleimland)

  • Martyrdom of Hippolyta, undead mistress of the Disciples of the Lost Sphere; the remainder of the order goes into hiding, but many are hunted down and slain.
  • The Utfort refugee camp becomes the permanent settlement of Vastfurt; a new magical academy is built there.

Circa 1,005 ye (Circa 7 yk) 

  • The Grand Duchy of Waschär secedes from the Västerreich; the counts and barons of the Helvet swear fealty to the Grand Duke, who becomes the King of Waschbar and the Helvet.
  • Without the military support of Waschbar, Vastria loses Verderben to Geirland.
  • The Grand Principality of Volka secedes from Voztok; it is rumored that this is because Tsar Vasyl has finally died, but the other Grand Princes chose to hide that fact; there has been no declaration concerning the Tsar’s death, however.

Circa 1,015 ye (Circa 17 yk)

  • A witch from Vanator releases a dissertation that explores the nature and treatment of the Taint; using her techniques, several goblinoids are “cured;” the nature of the cure is a delicate balance of placebos and the temperaments of both the individual and the community, so is barely 35% effective. The Taint itself cannot be eradicated.

Circa 1,020 ye (Circa 22 yk)

  • Several Halfling communities emerge in cities of the Honderreich and Cuorria.
  • Vastfurt Academy is recognized as the most prestigious wizard school in the Honderreich and opens a formal (but loose) relationship with the University of Alouse in Montaigne.
  • The first planetouched births are recorded in Montaigne, Ulvio, and the Helvet.  They are feared by the Universal Orders, and reception among the other Temperamental Orders is mixed.

Circa 1,035 ye (Circa 37 yk)

  • Disappearance of Theodore II.  
  • The kingdom of the Hindland collapses under its own corruption. It’s lands are divided among neighboring Kleimland and Geirland.

Circa 1,075 ye (Circa 77 yk)

  • The governments of the “Zweihertögen” exhaust their resources while fighting their ongoing war; northern Forstyr is annexed by Geirland while southern Rekkefølge joins the Zyrndy Federation. In the war to follow between Gierland and Zyrndy, this border is solidified—and Verderben is lost to Zyrndy. Due to the Empire’s support of Zyrndy and Rekkefølge during this confluct, Gierland leaves the Empire.

1,219ye (221 yk)

  • Supreme Pontiff Auguston inherits the sovereignty of the Grand Duchies of Spadina and Vericce.  This inheritance makes him eligible to be elected Emperor.

1,223ye (225 yk)

  • Current year--the events which will shape the world beyond this point will be influenced by the actions of the player characters.
The Aqueous Age age will be followed by a Second Spiritual Age.  However, since the cycle of temperaments / elements / seasons is going to restart, there is room for "the end is nigh" story arcs--if not in the next campaign, then in the one[s] to follow.

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