Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Equipment: Robe Armor

The following new types of defensive non-armor are available in Monvesia.  The robes below are generally equivalent to light armor, but do not count as armor for the sake of proficiency requirements (allowing sorcerers and wizards to benefit).  Robes are donned and doffed in the same amount of time as light armor.  They do not restrict movement in a way to affect the somatic components of spell casting.
Robe armor is not always a good option--but does serve well any wizard or sorcerer with a low dexterity score.

[Light] Robes are standard robes which are purchased as clothing. They can range in price from 5sp for mundane robes to over 15gp for extravagant ones. Light robes offer no significant protection, and are presented here only for comparison purposes.
5sp to 15+ gp, AC 10 + Dex modifier, 4 lbs.

Heavy Robes are more rugged than standard robes.  They are layered, made of stiff fabric, and are reinforced with strategic padding. They are equal in protection to padded armor.
10gp, AC 11 + Dex modifier (max 2), Disadvantage on Stealth checks, 10 lbs.

Reinforced Robes are the sturdiest available.  They are stiffened with leather and bone, and often include metal strapping (though many reinforced robes have no metal at all). These are the most protective robes available, better than leather armor--but not as good as studded leather.
45gp, AC 12 + Dex modifer (max 2), Disadvantage on Stealth checks, 12 lbs.

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