Sunday, December 29, 2019

Kith of OtherSPΩRE

A Brief Description of Otherworld, OtherSPORE's "Dreaming"

The Otherworld is a parallel world that links all the realities of the TriCosm.  In the reality of GaiaSPORE it is called "Psychical Space"; while in LegacySPORE it is known as the "Astral Planes".  In all cases, these are the same "dimension", shared by all three settings.  This "transitive plane" (to borrow a term from Dungeons & Dragons) exists in three states:  one in "resonant harmony" with physical reality, another state at a "higher resonance", and a third at a "lower resonance."

The higher state is home to the benevolent, virtuous beings called eudamons; this state is known as Overworld or Celeste.  The lower state is home to the malevolent, vicious beings called cacodaemons; conversely, this state is known as Underworld or Chthonia.  The harmonic state is known as Middleworld or Limbo; its native residents (stereotyped as selfish and vain, though this isn't always true) are the agathodaemons.  All three "planes" are visited by otherkin and mundanes alike--particularly in a dream state.
In GaiaSPORE, the divisions of Psychical Space are called Hyperspace, Paraspace, and Subspace.  In LegacySPORE, the divisions of the Astral Planes are called the Higher or Upper Plane, the Parallel Plane, and the Lower Plane.
In most cases, the Dreaming refers to the neutral, harmonic state of the Middleworld; while Arcadia refers to the higher vibration of the Overworld.  Any unseelie holdings in the Dreaming would be the equivalent of the Underworld.

Concerning the Nature of Otherkin, OtherSPORE's "Changelings"

Tens of thousands of years ago, humankind was subject to the manipulative machinations of the Elder Things--ancient horrors from the far reaches of space and time.  Eventually, a group of humans would ascend to a power that rivaled that of the Elder Things; and they used that power to overthrow and imprison their oppressors.  These ascended humans were the first daemons.  The daemons and the Otherworld are inexorably tied to one another:  For it was the existence of an Otherworld that allows some humans to harness the powers that would make them daemons; yet it was the rise of the daemons that solidified the existence of the Otherworld.

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Call to Hyperborea

Throughout the megaverse, there have been reports of a man of ice who kicks up drifts of snow as he walks.  He has been leaving messages written in fractal handwriting on frost-coated parchment with anyone in contact with mercenaries and explorers.  Most who read these notes laugh and dismiss them as a hoax.  You have had the chance to read one of these notes yourself:

It is time for the tyrannical rule of Sinterklaas to end in Hyperborea.  The gnomes have begun to free themselves and build an army of wooden soldiers--but the agents of the overlord may still be too much.  Those who respond to this summons will be entitled to any claim of the riches at the palace on Rupes Nigra, save for items of cultural importance to the gnomish natives.

To respond to these summons, cast this scroll and a sprig of holly into a fire burning on the night of the winter solstice.  Step into the flames, and you will be transported to the camp of the gnomish rebels on the plane of Hyperborea.  Exact terms of your employment will be discussed at that time.

Do you respond to the summons?  If so, comment below with your race, your class, and your world of origin.  Characters from any Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting are welcome {using 5th edition rules}.  Hyperborean natives--including tinker gnomes, warforged, or [sympathetic] drow--may also respond to these summons.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

New Domains for 5th Edition

MONVESIA RETCON NOTE:  This post is preliminary to an edit of "Priests of Monvesia" (which has temporarily been removed).
Since the introduction of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, I have been dissatisfied with the scope of available domains for Clerics.  In my opinion, the portfolios of many deities (particularly historical) were not fully represented in the domains available to them.  Three particular domains were conspicuously absent:   Love, Revelry, and Travel.  The latter two were specifically necessary to round out these spheres of my Monvesia campaign setting; in the past, I had advocated the use of the work of other homebrewers--but with this post, I try my own hand at crafting these two domains.
I have broken from "tradition" and renamed the Travel domain the Wanderlust domain.
The Love domain is still one that I would like to explore in the future--but I do not currently have an immediate need.  While selecting domain spells for the entries below, I did consider the needs of the Love domain as well--but I could not yet determine an appropriate spell list.
In Monvesia, both of the following domains are available to Vitalist clerics--those serving the saints or ideals of the Pyrosphere.

Revelry Domain

The portfolios of the gods of Revelry include many aspects that more conservative deities might dismiss as vices--particularly all forms of physical indulgeance.  A love for wine and feasting are common among these gods; as well as the boisterous singing, raucous dancing, and playful atiudes that accompany them. Gods of revelry include Olidammara (Greyhawk), Skerrit (Nonhuman, centaur/satyr), and Dionysus and Pan (Greek).  Any god of celebration and wine would be included--as well as many gods of nature.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Hathi, Loxodons of Henjal

Language Analog:  Thai/Lao
Inspiration:  Elephant village from Thundercats (2011); Loxodons from Magic: the Gathering

Tainted Counterpart: None [yet]; with no early contact between humans and hathi, the elephant-folk race was not tainted.
Temperamental Association:  Idealist

Male Names:  Arthit, Kamon, Klahan, Kulap, Mongkut, Prasert, Preecha, Sakchai, Somboon, Somchai, Sompol, Somsak, Suchart, Sunan, Thaksin, Wattana

Female Names:  Ampol, Anong, Intira, Kanda, Kanya, Lawan, Malai, Mali, Pakpao, Porntip, Ratree, Sasithol, Siripol, Sukhon, Ubon


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Anepu, Dogfolk of Raviq

Language Analog:  Nubian (roughly, as related to Ancient Egyptian)
Inspiration:  Egyptian mythology (and, roughly, the Khenra of Magic: the Gathering)

Tainted Counterpart:  Gnolls *
Temperamental Association:  Nihilist
* While they use the same statistics, the gnolls of Raviq are a different species from those of Prace.  Pracian gnolls have short snouts with brown or tan fur; while Raviqi gnolls have long snouts and black or red fur.  The two races have an instinctual hatred for one another.  Fortunately, it is rare for the two to meet.
Male Names:  Aadan, Axmed, Berhanu, Cali, Dejen, Gadisa, Gudina, Ifa, Lelisa, Lencho, Maxamed, Moti, Sisay, Tadesse, Tafari, Tamrat, Tariku, Tesfaye, Workneh, Xasan, Yared, Yuusuf

Female Names:  Abeba, Aherash, Berhane, Bontu, Fadumo, Gadise, Hibo, Hiwot, Hodan, Kidist, Konjit, Lelise, Lulit, Meklit, Meti, Saynab, Seble, Worknesh, Xaawo, Xaliima

Unisex Names:  Alemayehu, Desta, Lishan


Monday, December 2, 2019

Tengu, Aarakocra of Raviq & Fuhon

Language Analog:  Korean
Inspiration:  Oriental Adventures, Egyptian mythology

Tainted Counterpart: Nagpa
Temperamental Association:  Altruist

Masculine Names:  Chul, Hankil, Hankyul, Himchan, Ho, Hun, Hyuk, Kun, Kwang, Mityum, Nakil, Namu, Narauram, Pitkaram, Putyul, Sem, Tal, Ung, Yutyum

Feminine Names:  Ara, Ari, Arong, Aryum, Chorong, Choyun, Guryum, Gusyul, Hana, Isyul, Kayul, Koyun, Mari, Mayum, Mirae, Napit, Naerae, Noyul, Napi, Napom, Nari, Pata, Pitna, Poda, Pom, Pora, Poram, Pyul, Raon, Ryum, Rin, Sepyuk, Serom, Seron, Setbyul, Sarang, Santara, Sora, Sori, Talrae, Tampi, Tare, Tasom, Yuryum

Unisex Names:  Che, Charam, Chi, Hanyul, Haru, Hata, Hayan, Hyun, Karam, Nara, Narapit, Nuri, Param, Sang, Sol, Sung, Syulgi, Turi, Uri, Yun


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Hengeyokai, Shifters of Fuhon

Language Analog:  No real-world equivalent (an Indo-European language with major Japonic influence)
Inspiration:  Oriental Adventures, Eberron

Tainted Counterpart: none; shifters were once humans who tried to prevent taint by giving in to lunacy.
Temperamental Association: Universalist; individual clans have their own temperamental associations (see below).

Male Names:  Aarabu, Aarobu, Adobiku, Arojun, Ayaan, Bibaan, Bibeku, Bihaan, Bisharu, Kamaru, Kiran, Korishan, Maheshu, Manishu, Porakashu, Poren, Reyanshu

Female Names:  Aaja, Aaraja, Aasha, Amaira, Anaya, Asomita, Binita, Gita, Kabita, Diya, Niharika, Rabina, Riya, Saanbi, Shorisuti, Sita, Sunita


In their exodus from Desolation, humans passed through Neshu, Minotaur, and Tengu territories.  It was the Tengu who led humans to the mountain pass that would take them out of Raviq.  On the other side of the pass, the exodus entered a valley populated by enigmatic spirit folk--a race relatively new to Dragon Island.  The spirit folk knew of the HMDJVNW, and recognized the Taint in the humans that fled those great old ones.