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History of Monvesia: Fifth Age

ybe = years before the [Divine Drajan] Empire
ye = year of the [Divine Drajan] Empire
The most likely "universal" date count.
ybk = years before the Kleimland
yk = year of the Kleimland
The dates as counted during my original campaign.
If the Elder Ages were the "Legendary" era, then the Fifth Age was the "Historic" era--it marks the time when written histories became more prevalent--and exact dating was more easily accomplished.  The foundation of the Empire marks the beginning of this age.

Fifth Age / Vacuous Age

1st Year of the Empire (998 ybk)

  • Foundation of the Drajan Empire.

    Circa 200 ye (Circa 800 ybk)

    • Birth of the blue dragon Oerloeg.

    Circa 300 ye (Circa 700 ybk)

    • First Senary Council, during which the [Imperial] Temperamental Orders were established.  In opposition to the writings of Mohas, these orders openly venerate the Saints.  24 "archsaints" are chosen to represent human history and the temperamental philosophies--including both Baltus and Mohas. 

    Before 700 ye (Over 300 ybk)

    • Dwarves and rakasta retain political control of the Northland, including a sizable population of humans. Humans under their rule continue to follow the Cult of Human Perseverence

    Circa 700 - 740 ye (Circa 300-260 ybk)

    • Tainted humanoids rise in the Northland in a conflict known as the Orc Wars. Oerloeg is mortally wounded, and a sword is forged to house her spirit. The orc armies were decimated, the rakasta (specifically, the Great Pride of the Sylvasta/Zyrndasta) were scattered, and the dwarves were driven northward. As a result of the war, humans in the Northland could rule themselves for the first time.

    Circa 750 - 790 ye (Circa 250-210 ybk)

    • Among the petty, human kings that took control in the wake of the Orc Wars was the wizard Gygar--who controlled the territory of the River Kleim. 
    • After his death, the land he ruled was parceled out among smaller lords. His disciples become divided over doctrinal disagreements after his death.

    After 790 ye (Less Than 210 ybk)

    • The land surrounding Lake Ursprung down to the Ursprung confluence becomes Kynnysshire, under the authority of a Margrave named Igantius, a disciple of Gygar.
    • Foundation of the Disciples of the Lost Sphere by Hippolyta and her fellow “dark disciples” of Gygar.  The order is named for the Universal Orders' abandonment of the Necrosphere.

    Circa 800 ye (Circa 200 ybk)

    • Second Senary Council, during which the Temperamental Orders became divided between the Universal Orders in Communion with the Pontiff at Dray and the Metropolitan Orders in Communions with the Archons of the South and East
    • Declaration of the Drajan Empire as "Divine" (that is, governed by the [correct] saints).

    After 800 ye (Less Than 200 ybk)

    • The kingdom Vastria is consolidated, as are the duchies of Gierland, Riegel, Waschbar, Rekkefolge, Forstyr, and Badenburg.

    Circa 850 ye (Circa 150 ybk)

    • The city of Kynnysboro, at the Ursprung confluence, is placed under the authority of a Burgrave subject to the Margrave of Kynnys.

    Circa 865 ye (Circa 135 ybk)

    • Birth of Jostin in Kynnysboro

    Circa 890 ye (Circa 110 ybk) 

    • Tsar Vasyl Vladovich Korolov comes to power in Voztok

    Before 900 – Circa 900 ye (Over 100 – Circa 100 ybk)

    • The Disciples of the Lost Sphere first appear (though they claim philosophical descent from the Disciples of Gygar), plaguing the River Kleim region. With the help of the Sword of Oerloeg, the hero Jostin and his companions defeat the cult. At least one member of the Inner Circle, Mistress Hippolyta, survives.

     Circa 900 ye (Circa 100 ybk)

    • Ascention of saints Jostin and Ignatius (the same Ignatius who was a disciple of Gygar and First Margrave of Kynnys).

    After 900 ye (Less Than 100 ybk)

    • The petty states of the Zyrndy River region unite as the Zyrndy Federation. The duchy of Gierland absorbs the duchy of Riegel to become the kingdom of Gierland.

    Before 950 ye (Over 50 ybk)

    • The Kingdom of Vastria and Duchy of Waschbar enter a loose alliance as the Vasterreich.

    Circa 950 ye (Circa 50 ybk)

    • Theodore I of Badenburg unites the territory east of the River Kleim and north of Gierland as the Kingdom of the Hindland. He grants the Duchy of Badenburg to a childhood companion who supported his claim during the consolidation.

    After 950 ye (Less Than 50 ybk)

    • Theodore I publicly endorses the Divine Order of the Rose and Shield as the state religion of the Hindland

    Circa 960 ye (Circa 40 ybk)

    • The Dukes of Rekkefolge and Forstyr form an Alliance to unite their territories; the wording of much the treaty is ambiguous, including a clause that might identify each duke as the heir apparent to the other.

    Before 980 ye (Over 20 ybk)

    • Because of a disagreement over succession, the Dukes of Rekkefolge and Forstyrrelse formerly dissolve their Alliance, while each continued to claim the other’s territory.

    Circa 980 ye (Circa 20 ybk)

    • King Theodore I dies and is succeeded by his son, King Rathbone I
    • Last public sighting of Tsar Vasyl

    After 980 ye (Less Than 20ybk)

    • The Vasterreich and Gierland declare war over the possession of Verderben (the region of the Zyrndy confluence)

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