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History of Monvesia: Ancient Era

ybe = years before the [Divine Drajan] Empire
ye = year of the [Divine Drajan] Empire
The most likely "universal" date count.
ybk = years before the Kleimland
yk = year of the Kleimland
The dates as counted during my original campaign.
In the Ancient Era, ages are not counted, for no exact dates can be known.  Far before any mythical time of heroes, this period is as much prehistory as it is genesis myth.

In The Beginning ...

  • The Six Spheres are drawn toward each other, colliding at a single point.  Within the ensuing elemental chaos, the world of Orbimond was formed.  Orbimond becomes an anchor tying the Spheres together; only the destruction of that world will release them.
  • In the wake of the Tumult of Orbimond, the Aeons awaken at the cores of the Spheres.  They awaken the elemental and angelic hosts to serve them.
  • The Cosmic Marches and the Otherworlds solidify where two or three Spheres overlap.

Ancient Ages

Over 7,000 ybe (Over 8,000 ybk)

  • Dragons (including dragonborn) and giants are the eldest races to dominate Orbimond--the former granting their name to the continent dominating the world.
  • Dragons establish the Empire of the Morning and Evening Star in Henjal.
  • Giants establish the Land of Prosperity in Raviq.

Over 6,000 ybe (Over 7,000 ybk)

  • The scalikind (nagi, lizardfolk, kobolds, and tortles) races emerge in Henjal, south of the Panjou mountains.  Many tortles migrate to Xahaca by sea.
  • The beastfolk races emerge around the Sea of Fuhon--some in Raviq (anepu, proto-catfolk, minotaurs), some in the rift valley of Fuhon (tengu, nezumi), and some in Henjal (hathi, vanara).
  • Three branches of "true" humanoids emerge independently of each other: Proto-humans in Raviq, firbolg-halflings in Henjal (north of the Panjou), and proto-dwarves in Prace.
  • Otherworldly races also begin to emerge on Dragon Island, beginning with the neshu in Raviq and elves in Prace (who would later also migrate to Xahaca).
  • Proto-catfolk disappear from Raviq; according to neshu legend, they were exiled for slaughtering a neighboring human nation. Relatively soon after, modern rakasta emerge in Prace.  This is either a coincidental parallel evolution (according to the rakasta), or the catfolk migrated from Raviq (according to the neshu).

Over 5,000 ybe (Over 6,000 ybk)

    • A human prophet tells of the coming of the HMDJVNW to Orbimond, and of the decline of the giants and dragons that will follow.
    • Many dragons flee Orbimond for Vaspyron.

    Over 4,000 ybe (Over 5,000 ybk)

    • The first proto-dwarves ascend to sainthood--these are possibly the first mortals (or, at the very least, the first "true" humanoids) to do so.
    • The first dwarven schism establishes the dwarvesgnomes, and neanderthals as independent races.
    • The HMDJVNW (“am-div-nu”) arrive in the land of Prosperity in Raviq from the City that Sleeps, beginning a centuries-long war with the giants.
    • Dragons continue to migrate to Vaspyron.
    • Last of he dragonborn dynasties of the Empire of the Morning and Evening Star, marking its final fall from grace; first of the nagi dynasties of its reduced successor state, the Scalykind Empire. The kobolds of the Panjou Mountains do not accept the nagi emperors.
    • Otherworldly spirit folk emerge in Fuhon.

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