Appendix 1: Lists & Tables

Appendix 2:  Homebrew Adventure Campaigns

These adventure settings are synonymous with their campaign stories.  The worlds built exist only so far as to tell the necessary story with background details for the races available.


Throughout my posts, I have tried to be consistent with the way I refer to the various rulebooks of the games I post about.  Below, I have organized these short titles and abbreviations.
Format:  Full Title (With Subtitles)Short Title.  {CODE}

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition 

Core Rule Books

Player's Handbook.  {PHB}
Dungeon Master's Guide.  {DMG}
Monster Manual.  {MM}

Campaign Guides & Expanded Rules

Eberron: Rising from the Last WarEberron.  {ERLW}
Guildmasters' Guide to RavnicaRavnica.  {GGR}
Mordenkainen's Tome of FoesTome of Foes.  {MTF}
Sword Coast Adventurer's GuideSword Coast.  {SCAG}
Volo's Guide to MonstersVolo's Guide.  {VGM}
Xanathar's Guide to EverythingXanather's Guide.  {XGE}


Curse of Strahd.  Ravenloft. {CS}
Princes of the ApocalyspeElemental Evil. {PA}
     Player's Companion: Elemental Evil.  Elemental Evil. {PCEE}
Tales from the Yawning Portal.  {YP}
Tomb of Annihilation. {TA}


One Grung AboveGrungs. {OGA}
Plane Shift: AmonkhetPlane Shift or Amonkhet.  {PSA}
Plane Shift: Domanria.  Plane Shift or Dominaria.  {PSD}
Plane Shift: Innistrad.  Plane Shift or Innistrad.  {PSI}
Plane Shift: Ixalan.  Plane Shift or Ixalan.  {PSX}
Plane Shift: Kaladesh.  Plane Shift or Kaladesh.  {PSK}
Plane Shift: Zendikar.  Plane Shift or Amonkhet.  {PSZ}
The Tortle PackageTortles.  {TP}

Palladium Revised

Heroes Unlimited

Heroes Unlimited.  {HU}
Villains Unlimited.  {VU}
Aliens Unlimited. {AU}

Ninjas & Superspies

Ninjas and Superspies.  {N&S}
Mystic China.  {MC}


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other StrangenessTMNT.  {TMNT}
Trans-Dimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTrans-Dimensional Turtles.  {TDT}

World of Darkness

Blood-Dimmed Tides. {BDT}
World of Darkness: Mummy.  Mummy 1E. {M1E}
World of Darkness: Mummy, Second Edition.  Mummy 2E. {M2E}

Changeling: The Dreaming

Changeling: The Dreaming (1st Edition).  {CD1}
Changeling: The Dreaming (2nd Edition).  {CD2}
Changeling: The Dreaming (20th Anniversary Edition).  {C20}
Players Guide for Changeling The Dreaming.  {CPG}
Changeling Storyteller's Guide.  {CSG}
Nobles: The Shining Host.  {CSH}
The Autumn People.  {CAP}
The Shadow Court.  {CSC}
The Enchanted.  {CDE}
Denizens of the Dreaming.  {CDD}
Book of Storyteller Secrets.  {CSS}
Freeholds and Hidden Glens.  {CFG}
Immortal Eyes: The Toybox.  {IE1}
Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill.  {IE2}
Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings.  {IE3}
Isle of the Mighty.  {CIM}

Mage: The Ascension

Mage: The Ascension (Revised Edition).  {MAR}
The Book of Shadows (Players Guide).  {MBS}
The Book of Mirrors (Storytellers Guide).  {MBM}
Mage Storytellers Companion.  {MSC}
Halls of the Arcanum.  {MHA}
Sorcerer (Revised Edition).  {MSR}
The Orphans Survival Guide.  {OSG}
Lost Paths.  {MLP}
Book of Crafts.  {MBC}

Mummy: The Resurrection

Mummy: The Resurrection.  {MR}
Mummy: The Resurrection - Players Guide.  {MRPG}

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