Appendix 1: Lists & Tables

Appendix 2A: Dream Campaigns

Here is a list of RPG campaigns that I would love to run, in various systems--some are campaigns that I have been developing for a while, while other remain mere ideas.  Set-up for some of these campaign ideas can be found in Appendix 2B (see below).
X notes a campaign that has been run; O notes a campaign that has begun, but has not yet "completed."

[_] d20 Modern - Dark󠀶•Matter {"Beyond the Supernatural d20"}
[_] BD&D - Quest for Immortality
[X] D&D 3rd / Pathfinder - Ancient Egyptian {Nefret}
[_] D&D 4th - Starships & Spacemen
[_] D&D 5th - Curse of Strahd {Monvesia, Granitsa}
[O] D&D 5th - Princes of the Apocalypse {Monvesia, Montaigne}
[_] D&D 5th - Fantasy Robotech {Artifice Saga}
[_] D&D [Any] - Hyperborea, Dark Fantasy Christmas Special
[_] FATE - Secrets of Cats
[_] FATE - Magical Prince[ess] {Cute High Earth Defense Club Love}
[_] FATE - Mecha vs. Kaiju {Super Sentai}
[_] Game of Thrones [d20] - Aftermath of the Westerosi Civil War / War of Five Kings
[_] Mechwarrior 2E - GaiaSPORE
[_] Mekton Zeta - MOSPEADA Shadow Canticles
[_] OGL Ancients [d20] - Book of Mormon Stories
[O] Palladium - LegacySPORE {Parahuman Homeland Initiative}
[_] Palladium - Nova Albion {Rifts Eastern North America w/ [New] England}
[_] Palladium - Robotech SDF-3 Exile [Sentinels / Shadow Chronicles]
[_] Palladium - Ninjas & Superspies / Nightbane hybrid {King of Iron Fist style}
[_] Palladium - Astral Plane campaign [Nightbane / Rifts]
[_] Pugmire / Monarchies of Mau
[_] [Old/Classic] World of Darkness - OtherSPORE {Cold Iron / Barrow Falls}
[_] [Old/Classic] World of Darkness - Mummy: the Resurrection w/ Mage: The Awakening
[_] Star Wars Saga Edition - [Knights of the] Old Republic

Appendix 2B:  Homebrew Adventure Campaigns

These adventure settings are synonymous with their campaign stories.  The worlds built exist only so far as to tell the necessary story with background details for the races available.
  • Artifice Saga (fantasy Robotech) - D&D5E
  • HyperboreaSinterklaas Must Die! - D&D5E
  • NefretMummy's Mask - Pathfinder
  • Starships & Spacemen - D&D4E

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