Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sphinxes [Etc.] of Nefret

In Nefret, the role that would traditionally be served by dragons in other fantasy settings is instead served by Sphinxes.  Because of this, one partocular aspect of the 3.x rules needs to be modified:  Creature types.  With so few dragons and dragon-kin in the world, it does not make sense for "Dragon" to be a unique creature type.  On the other hand, the prominence of sphinxes and sphinx-kin  may benefit from the creation of a "Sphinx" creature type.
Another aspect related to this that was already changed in play was the replacement of the Draconic language with the Sphinx language where it applies to arcane magic.  Furthermore, sorcerers do not have the option of a draconic bloodline (neither a sphinx bloodline, for that matter).

As with the dragon type that it replaces, the sphinx type includes both true sphinxes and sphinx-kin.  Treat the following creatures as having the Sphinx creature type:
  • True Sphinxes [formerly Magical Beasts]
      • Italicized entries below are from the 3.5 supplement Sandstorm; all others can be found in the Pathfinder Bestiaries or installments of the Mummy's Mask.
      • Other sphinxes may exist beyond these, as the storyline of the campaign dictates.
    • Androsphinx (male-headed)
      • In Nefret, an "androsphinx" may be either male or female, having the hairless head of an elf.
    • Criosphinx (ram-headed)
    • Crocosphinx (crocodile-headed)
    • Cynosphinx [aka. Canisphinx] (jackal-headed)
    • Elder Sphinx
    • Gynosphinx (female-headed, "Greek sphinx" above)
      • In Nefret, a "gynosphinx" may be either male or female, having the head of a human.
    • Hieracosphinx  (hawk-headed)
    • Saurosphinx (lizard-headed)
    • Threskisphinx (ibis-headed)
  • Sphinx-Kin [mostly former Magical Beasts, unless otherwise noted]
Nagas are a sub-class of sphinx (Anti-Sphinxes, perhaps) associated with Apep, while true sphinxes are associated with Ra.

All dragons and dragon-kin, on the other hand, are considered to have the Magic Beast creature type.  There are no true dragons and few dragon kin in Nefret, however:
Whether or not all of these draconic options will appear in the campaign is yet to be decided--but they all fit the ideal of the campaign both visually and conceptually.

With these changes, it means that Rangers can specialize in hunting sphinxes--while those who hunt magical beasts can use their bonuses against dragons.

Edited December 4th, 2015.


  1. Any plans for a Sphinx-bloodline for Sorcerers?

    1. To be determined. I like the generic, elemental, and genie sorcerer options for this campaigns.