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Index of Higher Beings in Monvesia

Higher beings of Monvesia include:  ascended beings (saints, paragons, and patriarchs of the various races), archdaemons, aeons, and genie lords. Though described in more detail in other posts, there are listed here for quick reference.  All of the beings listed below share a particular trait:  they are available as patrons/sponsors for ascension.

The entries below follow the following format:
Name (T), Alias(es).  Description.  Epithet(s).  Planar home.
Names are listed with the oldest name first; alternate names include secondary entries referencing the main entry.  (T) is temperament, using their initials as an abbreviation:  Altruism, Materialism, Dynamism, Idealism, Vitalism, Nihulism, and even Universalism.
The "cannonical" order of temperement is therefore:  AMDIVNU.  That the Great Old Ones of Monvesia are called HMDJVNW ("Am-DIV-New") is no coincidence--for the Old Ones are a corruption of the temperamants, representing zealotry, obsession, and madness.

Adotho (I).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Sage.  Genius (the Azure City).

Aeras (I).  Aeon of Air.  Aerosphere (Elemental Plane of Air).

Äiti (AMV).  Archfey.  The All-Mother, Queen of Spring.  Faerie.

Amli (MVN).  Undying chief of those who return by their own will.  The Restless.  The Abyss.

Anumat (D).  Vanara patriarch.  Arcadia (March of Plenty)

Aria (A).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Comforter.  Providence (the Ivory City).

Arithmetica (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.

Ashir I (DN).  Neshu netjer.  Tartarus (March of Enmity).

Ashra (MVN).  Undying chief of those who return by the work of necromancers or other undead.  The Embalmed.  The Abyss.

Astama (D).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Huntress.  Destiny (the Verdant City).

Astrologia (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.

Baltus (A).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Anointed One.  Providence (the Ivory City).

Bigarren Zuria (I)Grisa.  Halfling wise one.  Fantasia (March of Fable)

Coash (MVN).  Undying chief of those who return by prearranged design. The Empowered.  The Abyss.

Deluge, The (MDN).  Legacy.  Eternity.

Dharadeel (AIV).  Virtue of diligence.  Guardian of the Gates.  The Empyrean.

DNXHINTN (DIN).  Great old one. The Darkness.  Limbo.

Eldejeel (AIV).  Virtue of piety.  Mistress of Celestial Steeds.  The Empyrean.

Eneko Asier (D).  Halfling wise one.  My/Our Beginning.  Tartarus (March of Enmity)

Enlightenment, The (MDN).  Legacy.  Eternity.

ENSHZRYD (DIN).  Great old one.  The Profundity.  Limbo.

Exodus, The (MDN).  Legacy.  Eternity.

Ezripheel (AIV).  Virtue of patience.  Mistress of Riddles.  The Empyrean.

FVINQRX (DIN).  Great old one. The Nothingness.  Limbo.

Gaion (M).  Aeon of Earth.  Lithosphere (Elemental Plane of Earth).

Geometria (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.
Golai, see Honsu.
Gygar (I).  Human saint of the Akhnaphar.  Genius (the Azure City).

Hadin (A).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Provider.  Providence (the Ivory City).

Hathra (V).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Lover.  Reverie (the Crimson City).

Hekala (N).  Human saint of the Tetracosad.  The Crone.  Oblivion (the Onyx City).
Hephtan, see Khelosani.
Hippolyta (N).  Half-orc saint of the Fifth Sphere.  Dis (March of Temptation).

Honsu (M), Golai.  Goliath patriarch and saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Champion.  Perdition (the Golden City).

Hydor (D).  Aeon of Water.  Hydrosphere (Elemental Plane of Water).
Iamus, see Mosamartle.
Ignatius (V).  Human saint of the Akhnaphar.  Elysium (March of Community).

Imperium, The (MDN).  Legacy.  Eternity.

Isyria (D).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Sower.  Destiny (the Verdant City).

Jostin (A).  Human saint of the Akhnaphar.  Elysium (March of Community).

JXTHALOTH (DIN).  Great old one. The Stillness.  Limbo.

Kamn (D).  Minotaur netjer.  The Potter.  Utopia (March of Industry).

Khelosani (I), Hephtan.  Dwarf-kin paragon and saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Artisan [dwarf Middle Caste & gnomes], the Smith [neanderthals], the Craftsman [humans].  Genius (the Azure City).

Liltu (MVN).  Undying chief of those who prey on the living to survive.  The Infected.  The Abyss.

Lux (A).  Aeon of Light.  Hierosphere (Elemental Plane of Light).

Laimargea (INV).  Physical vice.  Queen of Wastefulness.  The Inferno.

Lussur (INV).  Physical vice.  Prince of Indulgence.  The Inferno.

Lypea (INV).  Spiritual vice.  Mother of Dispassion.  The Inferno.

Maite Amaia (N).  Halfling wise one.  Beloved End.  Tartarus (March of Enmity)

Marroiak (D).  Halfling wise one.  Fantasia (March of Fable)

Maun (V).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Traveler.  Reverie (the Crimson City).

Mekare (I).  Dwarf-kin paragon.  The Archivist [dwarf Middle Caste], the Storyteller [gnomes and neanderthals].  Genius (the Azure City).

Meomari (M).  Dwarf-kin paragon.  The Warrior [dwarf High Caste], the Defender [gnomes & neanderthals].  Perdition (the Golden City).

Mermis (I).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Alchemist.  Genius (the Azure City).

Meshakhte (M).  Dwarf-kin paragon.  The Miner [dwarf Low Caste & gnomes], the Mason [neanderthals].  Perdition (the Golden City).

Mitraps (M).  Minotaur netjer.  Bull of Heaven.  Purgatory (March of Conflict).

Mohas (A).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Prophet.  Providence (the Ivory City).

Mosamartle (M), IamusDwarf-kin paragon and saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Magistrate [dwarf high caste], the Lawgiver [gnomes & neanderthals], the Regent [humans].  Perdition (the Golden City).

Mura (M).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Mistress.  Perdition (the Golden City).

Musica (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.

Msakhuri (A).  Dwarf-kin paragon.  The Servant [dwarf Low Caste], the Homemaker [gnomes], the Fire-Tender [neanderthals].  Providence (the Ivory City).

MYRQNL (DIN).  Great old one. The Concealment.  Limbo.

Nanash, The Seven (V).  Minotaur netjer.  Cows of Heaven.  Purgatory (March of Conflict).

Nekheel (AIV).  Virtue of justice.  Charger Against the Guilty.  The Empyrean.

Neito (AMV).  Archfey.  The Forest Maiden, Consort of all Regents.  Faerie.

Nesta (I).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Hearth-Keeper.  Genius (the Azure City).

Netha (M).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Shield-Maiden.  Perdition (the Golden City).

NKNTHRAUL (DIN).  Great old one. The Disquietude.  Limbo.

Noitia (AMV).  Archfey.  The Witch Queen, Queen of Winter.  Faerie.

Nox (N).  Aeon of Void.  Necrosphere (Elemental Plane of Void).

Nyres (V).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Charioteer.  Reverie (the Crimson City).

Oge (N).  Human saint of the Tetracosad.  The Devil-Child.  Oblivion (the Onyx City).

Orkon (MVN).  Undying chief of those who return as such possessed by the essence of the Necrosphere.  The Doomed. The Abyss.

Orro (D).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Youth.  Destiny (the Verdant City).

Ortzadarra (V)Lehen Zuria.  Halfling wise one.  Gehenna (March of Torment)

Orzjea (INV).  Spiritual vice.  Mistress of Animosity.  The Inferno.

Philosophia (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.

Plague, The (MDN).  Legacy.  Eternity.

Poeia (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.

Pyr (V).  Aeon of Fire.  Pyrosphere (Elemental Plane of Fire).

Qasreel (AIV).  Virtue of temperance.  Keeper of Secrets.  The Empyrean.

Rellis (N).  Human saint of the Tetracosad.  The Deceiver.  Oblivion (the Onyx City).

Sarvipäinen (AMV).  Archfey.  The Horned One, King of Autumn.  Faerie.

Satsh (A).  Minotaur netjer. Hesperia (March of Succor).

Sychus (D).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Reaper.  Destiny (the Verdant City).

Syphis (N).  Human saint of the Tetracosad.  The Devourer.  Oblivion (the Onyx City).

Sytun (V).  Human saint of the Tetracosad/Icosad.  The Storm-Bringer.  Reverie (the Crimson City).

Theodore Rosenshild (M).  Human saint of the Rose and Shield.  Perdition (the Golden City).

Theologia (ADI).  Muse.  The Dreaming.

Titanomachy, The (MDN).  Legacy.  Eternity.

Tzivreel (AIV).  Virtue of prudence.  Teller of Truths.  The Empyrean.

Urdin Argia (I).  Halfling wise one.  Fantasia (March of Fable)

Urdin Iluna (N).  Halfling wise one.  Gehenna (March of Torment)

Vachari (M).  Dwarf-kin paragon.  The Merchant [dwarf Middle Caste & gnomes], the Trader [neanderthals].  Perdition (the Golden City).

Vaeltava (V).  Dwarf-kin paragon.  The Casteless [Casteless dwarves], the Wanderer [gnomes], the Scout [neanderthals].  Purgatory (March of Conflict).

Vihreät (AMV).   Archfey.  The Green Man, King of Summer.  Faerie.

Ybrion (INV).  Spiritual vice.  Lord of Vainglory.  The Inferno.

ZDRANYCH (DIN).  Great old one. The Endlessness.  Limbo.

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