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Minotaurs of Raviq

Language Analog:  Akkadian (Assyrian, Babylonian)
Inspiration:  Greek myth (Minotaur),  Egyptian myth,  Old Testament (Moloch)

Tainted Counterpart: Minotaurs (Monster Manual)
Minotaurs are their own tainted counterpart.  When necessary to draw a distinction between the two, non-tainted minotaurs may also be called cattlefolk.
Temperamental Association: Materialist

Male Names:  See "Male Babylonian Names"
Female Names: See "Female Babylonian Names"

In the grasslands north of the Neshu's desert river valley, west of the Tengu's mountain nesting grounds, there are great cities and nomadic herds of cattlefolk--commonly called minotaurs.  This race resembles humanoid cattle, with subraces ranging from bull-like (cow, bison) in the south, to ram-like (sheep, goat) in the north, and even buck-like (antelope, gazelle) in the west.  They are a proud and ancient people.
NOTE:  Stag-like minotaurs resembling deer, elk, moose, caribou, etc. are not known in Monvesia.
Two rivers flow through minotaur territory, merging into a single "seaway" that empties into the northern Sea of Fuhon.  From cities along this river, the minotaurs have sought to build empires.  Their largest empire spanned from tengu territory in the north through neshu territory to the south, and even to anepu territory in the southwest; however, this did not even a single dynasty--for the neshu rose up and took their place.  The minotaurs and neshu have fought for centuries to dominate the western shore of the Sea of Fuhon.

Minotaurs often view neshu as little more than priests and scholars; in fact, many minotaur kings and emperors have favored neshu viziers for this reason.  Conversely, neshu pharoahs have often taken on minotaur generals.  Though rivals, the two races know they depend on each others' talents.

Minotaurs, neshu, and anepu share a common religious tradition, one which also once included the tengu, grung, and even early catfolk races.  Within the structure of this religion, each race veneratesc its own netjeru before those of the other races.  (The nejeru are akin to human Saints.)  The chief netjer of the minotaur race is Mitraps, the Bull of Heaven, and his seven Nanash (his daughters and wives).  Second to Mitraps is the artisan ram-saint Kamn and his former bride Satsh (now the matron of her own people).

Minotaur Traits

Use the minotaur traits as presented in the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica (or else the most recent version from Unearthed Arcana, which is virtually identitcal).  Follow the guidelines presented under "5th Edition Cattlefolk" for the subraces.  These sub-races represent not only clan, but also patron netjer.
  • Mitrapsites are bull-folk.
    • Clerics of Mitraps may select the Protection or Order domains.
    • Clerics of the Nanash may select the Light or Tempest domains.
  • Kamnites are ram-folk.
    • Clerics of Kamn may select the Forge or Arcana domains.
  • Satshites are buck-folk.
    • Clerics of Satsh may select the Nature or Travel domains.

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