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Legacies of Eternity

There are events in history so important that they continue to continue to shape reality long after their circumstances have passed.  On the Plane of Time, these histories have taken on a life of their own; they have become conscious and stared to govern the actions of that Plane.  These Legacies have become the archdaemons of Eternity.  Their influence can be seen throughout time, whether the events that define them occured in the past, the present, or the future.  Since all things occur simultaneously on this plane, the Legacies are always active.

Sometimes, Legacies are called the horsemen of the apocalypse--harbingers of the End of Time.  This is both true and preposterous.  This is true in that when all Legacies have come to pass, that the end of the known world will be nigh.  Likewise, there can be no end to time; it will ever flow onward--there can be only change.
NOTE:  Legacies are always spoken of with the definine article:  the Titanomachy, the Exodus, the Deluge, etc.  In a way, these archdaemons only have epithets, and not true names.
Warlocks with Legacy patrons may use the homebrew Horologius patron until such time as an appropriate "official" option is released.

Legacies of the Past

These Legacies' effects on the Mortal Plane were experienced and understood in history, but continue to have lasing effects.

The Titanomachy

The conflict between the HMDJVNW and the giants of Raviq lasted for centuries.  During its course, the giant races were decimated, and their remnants ultimately exiled from Orbimond; their legacy was carried on in the goliath races.  The land of Prosperity was even physically transformed into the land of Desolation, and the Taint was unleashed upon the mortal races of he world.  Had the HMDJVNW not arrived in the mortal world, however, the war of the giants would still have occurred--instead against the might of the dragons!

The Titanomachy is the archdaemon of the giants (though giants do not dwell in Eternity).

The Exodus

In response to the legacy of the Titanomachy, two major migrations away from Desolation transformed the political landscape of Dragon Island.  First, the goliaths took to the sea, dragging the Taint of the HMDJVNW around the borders of the Frenetic Sea into Xahaca and even Ombo before settling in eastern Prace.  Humans, on the other hand, travelled by land through Fuhon, the Forest of Vines, and the Sea of Sand on their way to Prace; they transformed not only their own culture in he process, but also many cultures of Henjal and even Prace.

Legacies of the Present

These Legacies' effects on the Mortal Plane can be experienced and understood currently.

The Deluge

The Frenetic Ocean is a nearly impassible expanse.  Many suspect that a maelstrom sits at its center, a mother vortex churning out hurricanes along the coasts of Desolation, Xahaca, Inheritance, and Voztok.  None have ever passed through the center of the Ocean; the goliaths made a brief attempt, but untimately chose to skirt along the islands of Xahaca.  While a naural phenomenon, this maelstrom has not always existed--nor will it continue forever; it is the Legacy of the Deluge that fuels it.  In the past, its flooding may have taken over Raviq--but the Titanomachy claimed that continent instead, pushing the Deluge out to sea.  One community of humans was affected directly, pushing their society below the waves as tritons.  The Deluge has done more to shape the culture and history of Xahaca than any other subcontinent of Dragon Island.

The Imperium

After the legacy of Heksodos brought humankind to Prace, the legacy of the Imperium took root.  Nearly every race is driven my self-determination; and encountering the early effects of the Imperium in Henjal (via the decaying "Scalikind" Empire) drove humans to build their own sub-continental regime.  Some would argue that the time of the Divine Drajan Empire is coming to a close--but the influence of the Imperium can be seen just as strongly in Voztok (where the Drajan Empire never extended) and the Honderreich (where the Empire was abandoned in favor of a growing local kingdoms).

The Imperium is the archdaemon of the dragons (though dragons do not dwell in Eternity).

Legacies of the Future

This Legacy, though its seeds have already begun to germinate, has yet to come to fruition on the Mortal Plane.

The End of Days

Sometimes called the Apocalypse or the Revelation, the End of Days represents the culmination of the current merger of the Spheres.  There will come a time when the energies binding the Spheres to each other will dissapate--and the Mortal Realm will cease to exist.  This dissolution of reality is not a matter of "if," but one of "when;"  the End of Days is coming--but cannot occur until the correct circumstances exist.

If there were such thing as a chief Legacy, it would be the End of Days--for the work of any other Legacy may also serve its will.

The Enlightenment

A revolution against superstitious thinking and the reliance on personal labor is coming. A hightened awareness will breed the creation of clockwork and steam-powered machines to create efficient work environments.  These seeds of this revolution already exist in the minds of artificers and tinker gnomes--though the mass manufacture of clockwork homunculi is still centuries away.  Logical machines and emotional mortals will ever be at odds.  A new eternal struggle will come to be known.

The Enlightenment is the archdaemon of the modrons and inevitables--two sides of the same conflict.  She is the equivalent of the modron/inevitable Primus in other D&D worlds.

Legacies of Unknown Time

This Legacy has never occurred on the Mortal Plane, but exists as a possibility that could have once happened or may possibly sill come to pass.

The Plague

In other worlds, certain pestilences have had a lasting effect on the population or even politics of the world.  In others, these have affected food sources--crops and cattle--causing famine.  No such plague has yet existed yet on Monvesia--but  conditions could have been otherwise, it could have been.  In another time, the giants were victorious in the Titanomachy--or else the HMDJVNW never came to the Mortal Plane; whatever the reason, the Taint never existed.  In its place, a deadly disease that transformed the population into monsters existed instead--and these monsters have come to rule a portion of Eternity.

The Plague is the archdaemon of the slaadi.  In Eternity, a rivalry exists between the disorganized slaadi and logical modrons--though one race is not known to be the creator of the other.

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