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Vices of Monvesia

A fiend is a being of chaos, just as a celestial is a being of light, and a fey is a being of the natural order.  They inhabit the Inferno, also known as the Plane of Passion or the Plane of Will.  Vices are the rulers of the fiends.  They represent the base passions by which choices are made; they are the embodiment of why mortals choose to do things.

Vices are the equivalent of demon and devil Lords of other settings; and it is they who make pacts with warlocks as fiendish patrons.  There are two factions of their kind in the Inferno:  Physical Vices and Spiritual Vices.  Fundamentally, there is no difference between the two classes beyond their methods and desired end results.  This divide also affects the fiends of Inferno as well, forming hyper-competitive factions that seek to manipulate mankind.

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Physical Vices

The Succubi/Incubi and their scions, the Cambions, are the chief servants of the Physical Vices.  They are the most humanoid of their kin.

Laimargea, Queen of Wastefulness

Tall and slim, Laimargea is a hairless female with mottled green skin.  Her long, pointed ears stretch far behind her in a mockery of the elvish form.  She watches the world through inky black eyes and feeds on it with several rows of sharp teeth.  She drapes her three-legged, four-armed frame in billowing gowns and heavy jewels.

She favors warlocks who take more than they are due, who feel the world owes them more beause of their power or their station.  Those who rally behind her rally behind  Greed and Glulttony.

Lussur, Prince of Indulgence

Lussur is a short, obese male with coal black skin and long, stringy red hair.  His eyes would shine with an inner red glow if they were not coated in a milky white film.  Two of his three tails are long, hairless, and dexterous; the third is coiled and upright.  His feet are cloven and his three-fingered hands are webbed.  Sores cover his thighs and lips.  What little clothing he wears is brightly colored and made of the finest silks or leathers.

He is most interested in making pacts with warlocks who strive to give in to their basest desires:  Lust, Lechery, Fornication.  He favors anyone who sees themselves and other mortals as commodities to be bought and sold.

Spiritual Vices

The Rakshasa are the chief servants of the Spiritual Vices.  Like those that serve them, these Vices embrace more animalistic features.

YbrionLord of Vainglory

Ybrion is a centaur-like being: a broad-chested humanoid torso atop the hind- and fore-quarters of a bull.  He has the head of a lion with a bull's horns erupting from his mane.  Massive, eagle-like wings stretch out from his back.  While his hind legs end in the hooves of a bull, his forelegs are capped with lion's paws, and his arms are an eagle's talons.  His form reflects the kings of all the beasts; and he does not hide that glory beneath any sort of clothing.

He favors warlocks who understand their own greatness--mortals who respect the values of Envy, Pride, Hubris, and Boasting.

LypeaMother of Dispassion

Despite her elongated neck and distended belly, Lypea vaguely resembles humanoid female.  She is as much vulture as she is woman, however.  Her long arms supports massive wings that end in thin, crooked hands.  Brown, white, and black feathers cover her body, save for her bright red fleshy head and faces.  A beaked vulture's face sits like a crown atop a humanoid formed in the folds of the vulture's gullet.  Her humanoid face is always weeping; her tears acidic, burning all they touch.

She favors the lonely and the bored.  Warlocks who serve her embrace Laziness, Ignorance, Apathy, Sorrow, Despair, and Negligence.

Orzjea, Mistress of Animosity

The least humanoid of the vices, Orzjea has the body of a massive, brown snake; her head, a giant spider covered in nettled hair.  Her multitude of eyes glow yellow.  Her voice is thick with hisses and clicks.  Shimmering venom drips from her maw.

The warlocks who serve her are perpetually nervous--constantly living in a moment of fight or flight.  They embrace her favored qualities of Anger, Hatred, and Fear.
Orzjea is Monvesia's analog to Lolth.

The Great Contest

There is no "blood war" between the fiends of the Inferno.  Battles do not rage across the Spheres to determine the supremacy of one one race of fiends over another.  Instead, Laimargea and Lussur have made a wager with Ybrion, Lypea, and Orzjea. Each side of the Contest believes they are more capable of spreading chaos among mortals.  Where one faction acts toward its goal, the other can likely be found nearby trying to usurp the effort, or one-up it--like rival, trans-dimensional fraternities.

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