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Other Races in Monvesia?

This post supersedes a portion of "Other Non-Humans of Monvesia."
Part of what makes a campaign setting unique is not only what races are included in the setting, but also which races are excluded.  Several new race options have been introduced in sourcebooks and "Unearthed Arcana" articles.  Some races, either common to most D&D worlds, or unique to some, may not have a place in Monvesia.

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I had introduced a rating system for aversion in "Creatures NOT of Monvesia," so will use that again here.  Some of these races may be considered for inclusion in the setting in the furture, should there be a need for it.
  • Aversion Level:  0 - This is an element of fantasy gaming that I think may have a fit in Monvesia, but I have yet to fully incorporate it.  There may not be a need for this element in the world--but I reserve the right to introduce it at a later date.
  • Aversion Level: 1 - This is an element of fantasy gaming that I often enjoy, but I do  not think it has a natural place in Monvesia
  • Aversion Level: 2 - This is an element of fantasy gaming that I think is overused, and would like to avoid using in Monvesia
  • Aversion Level: 3 - This is an element of fantasy gaming that is hand-crafted for another game world, and/or has developed a very particular, expected culture that does not fit in Monvesia.  Such elements would require an amount of work to untangle that may not be worth the time.
  • Aversion Level: 4 - This is an element of fantasy gaming that is poorly conceived and/or wholly redundant.
Potential races are listed by most likely region of appearance in Orvemondt.  The lists below include some races, but not all, from the Plane Shift series adapting creatures from Magic: the Gathering.  There are also several races that have not yet seen afficial adaptation to 5th edition rules, but may still have a place in the evolving setting.

Likely New Races

These races have essentially already been accepted into the grwing world of Monvesia.

Henjali [& Fuhonese] Races

The player races of Fuhon and Henjal represent the Oriental Adventures flavor of fantasy gaming.  Thse below will likely join the ranks of lizarfolk and vanara.
What about korobokoru?  I want to just say that these are hill dwarves, but that subrace has already been incorporated into Prace.  It is possible that a group of dwarves may have migrated into the west and become another "outcast" clan; in this case, a new subrace will need to be crafted.
Kenku (Volo's Guide) aka. Tengu
Aversion Level:  0
Whether you call then kenku or tengu, this race was an early stale of Japanese-themes adventure.  I feel the best place for them, therefore, is in Fuhon.  Others online have suggested the aarakocra for the classic tengu  race, but the kenku is my preferance; I reserve the aarakocra for  use elsewhere (see below).

Loxodon (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 0
Ganesh.  Hathi and the Dawn Patrol.  Anet and Aburn from the Thundercats revival.  I want elephantfolk to be a thing.  The Loxodon of Ravnica are a good start.  Perhaps they inhabit the western reaches of Henjal, along the shores of the Sea of Fuhon.  While not a classi race in the subgenre, the loxodon can easily find a place here.

Nagas (Amonkhet) as Snakefolk
Aversion Level:  0
Naga have appeared in past editions of Oriental Adventures as well, so accepting them in Henjal alongside vanara is an easy step for me.  To distinguish these humanoids from the large monsters of the same name, I am inclined to call the player race snakefolk, lesser naga, or something else similar.

Aversion Level:  0
Nezumi, or ratfolk, are a staple in Japanese-themed fantasy adventure.  I can't see myself not including them as a player character option in Fuhon.

Shifters (Unearthed Arcana) as Hengeyokai
Aversion Level:  0
For a time, I had used a variation on the shifter for the rakasta, though the introduction of the tabaxi has allowed for a new base for that race.  Applying the beast types to animalistic clans, something akin to the Hengeyokai of earlier editions can be mimicked.  These, of course, would find a home on Fuhon.

Pracian Races

Here I go crowding an already crowded subcontinent.

Firbolgs (Volo's Guide)
Aversion Level:  0
There are rumors of a race of giantfolk native to Monvesia, particularly in the region of Galtain. Should these rumors prove to be true, then the nature of the Taint may come into question. Instead of a new strain of Taint effecting goliaths, trolls may prove to be tainted firbolgs. The acceptance of firbolgs in Galtain has been essentially accepted.

Aversion Level:  0
If troll are tainted firbolgs, what was tainted to create bugbears?  Neanderthals were a monster entry in early editions of D&D, and were later introduced as a player character race in the 3.5 sourcebook Frostburn. Historically, neanderthals are a parallel evolution of humans, an they would well fill a triad with dwarves and gnomes that could reflect bugbears, hobgoblins, and goblins.  Why do we not encounter them anymore?  They were driven into the mountains by the Voztokans, where they all were tainted into bugbears.

Raviqi Races

Though a large swath of this subcontinent is the land of Desloation, many outlying territories have survived to carry on some level of the Arabian Adventures tradition.

Khenra (Amonkhet) as Dogfolk
Aversion Level: 0, 4
The khenra are a particular subrace of dogfolk that was tailor-made for Amonkhet.  Dogfolk races were available in early D&D, however--so this race has been adapted into a greater race with a number of subraces.  Most of these will be incorporated into a Raviqi desert society.

Minotaurs (Unearthed Arcana and Plane Shift) as Cattlefolk (?)
Aversion Level: 2, 4
Krynn (Dragonlance), World of Warcraft, and Magic: the Gathering have all done their part in making the minotaur a new classicc gaming race.  In Prace the role of the minotaur, as presented in one of the earliest installments of Unearthed Arcana, is filled by the goliaths.  Minotaurs more akin to those in MtG's Amonkhet, however, might find a home in Raviq.

Xahacan Races

Several monster races (kua-toa, merfolk, merrow, saguagin) are all likely to find a home in Xahaca, in addition to the player races below.

Aarakocra (Elemental Evil) aka. Avens
Aversion Level:  0
Though I had once expressed a concern for too many anthropomorphic races, as the world get larger more non-human-based races become more of a possibility.   While the kenku may find a home in Fuhon (see above), the Aarakocra may be better suited to the islands of Xahaca.
The avens of Plane Shift are very similar, so will not receive their own entry.
Tortles (Tortle Package)
Aversion Level: 0, 3
I don't want to front-load all of the reptilian races into Henjal.  For some reason, Xahaca feel right for this race--perhaps because of historical use of Tortuga and Turtle Island.  I did consider making them the kappa of Fuhon, but I think a shifter clan might suit that better (see above).

Tritons (Volo's Guide) aka. [Legged] Merfolk
Aversion Level: 1
Tritons are a race specific to a very particular setting--something akin to Atlantis in many comic book series.  Such a setting could exist along the coastal regions of Desolation/Raviq, or even in Xahaca.  I am inclined to explore the latter--though a Raviqi origin may not be out of the question.
The merfolk of Plane Shift are very similar tritons, so will not receive their own entry. 

Possible New Races

I have begun to understand how some of the following races could be added to Monvesia--but I have not really made any decision one way or the other.

Otherworldly Races

Not all player races may be native to Orvemondt.  Just as the elves have a stong connetion to Faerie, so might other races have connections to the various otherworlds.  As elves have found a home in race, if the races below are fully developed, they may find themselves in a particular subcontinent.

Changelings (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 1
The Eberron interpretation of the changeling does not have a place in Monvesia.  However, I can always give them the same treatment as the half-elves and half-orcs, linking them to a uniquely Monvesian concept.  A shared heritage with doppelgangers would mean some sort of connection to the Mirror Plane.

Kalashtar (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 0, 3
The kalashtar are the epitome of a race hand-crafted for another setting--directly bound to the aberrations and psionics of Eberron.  It would be possible to tie the race to the HMDJVNW and the Taint in a similar way.  As the Taint spread fro Limbo to the Dreaming, a group of unique thoughforms may seek refuge in the same was the quori of Eberron did.

Warforged (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level:  0, 3
The warforged are iconic to the Eberron setting, and do not fit in any other world as well as they do there.  That being said .. I would LOVE to find a way to make them fit in Monvesia.  With modrons and inevitables in the Temporal Plane, perhaps another race of intelligent constructs could find a connection there.

Draconian Races

The larger world of dragons in Monvesia needs to be explored in detail.  There could still be a place for the draconian races (which is one reason the name of tainted halflings was changed to boggart).

Dragonborn (Player's Handbook)
Aversion Level: 2
The dragons of Monvesia are not as diverse as they are in other worlds; nor is their influence as broad.  As I explore the role of dragons in the ancient Scalikind Empire of Henjal (or even the Plane of the Morning and Evening Star), the dragonbon  may find a place in this setting.  Their inclusion in the Player's Handbook shows that they have become a new classic race.

Kobolds (Monster Manual and Volo's Guide)
Aversion Level: 2
Kobolds are an old classic in fantasy adventure gaming.  They could still find a way into Monvesia--particularly if the dragonborn do as well.  They two races will likely be tied together--possibly with the lizardfolk, possibly not.

Races Not Coming to Movesia

The following races are not likely to appear in the world of Monvesia.  Some already have in the past, and have been removed (Aasimar, Tiefling).

Aasimar (Volo's Guide)
Aversion Level: 1
Though introduced to the 5th edition as an exaple of how to create a race in the DM's Guide, the aasimar saw its official release in Volo's Guide.  Unlike the tiefling (see below), the official release included a few subraces. I am no longer interested in picking one subrace to represent the whole in Monvesia.  Other options will be explored for those touched by the Hierosphere.

Centaurs (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 1
I have found a home in Monvesia for a lot of creatures from classical mythology--even adapting the elves to mimic nymphs and fauns; and even minotaurs may find a plane in Raviq.  Centaurs seem too iconic to their mythical origins, however.

Gith (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 3
The culture and special abilities of the gith (both the Gihyanki and the Githzerai) are tied to the lore of the Illithids.  This "set" of creatures belong fully and completely to another world.  Should anything like the mind flayers or their former slaves be needed in Monvesia, these could work as a starting point--but the final result would be greatly revised and re-flavored.

Revenants (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 4
Revenants are not a race in their own right, but a subrace that can be applied to nearly any other race.  The mechanics of doing so are clunky:  Not all races have subraces; and, it removes subracial diversity entirely.  A good conept that was not executed well--which is probably why it has yet to leave the playtest stage.

Simic Hybrids (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 3
This race wholly and completely belongs to Ravnica.  Their ilk with not likely ever find an analong in Monvesia.

Siren (Plane Shift)
Aversion Level: 3
An amazing addition to Ixalan, with sound mecchanics that give them great flavor.  However, I really don't see this race fitting in Monvesia, where the more animal-like aarakockra and kenku seem a bit more appropriate.  Xahacan does take some inspiration from Ixalan and the Isle of Dread, so sirens as a monster would certainly be present here--but I favor that version.

Tieflings (Player's Handbook, Sword Coast, and Tome of Foes)
Aversion Level: 3
Originally released as a single-breed race, several subraces/heritages have come to be available over the years.  These options tie the tiefling to the lore (lower planes, demon lords, and arch devils) of the core D&D setting[s].  To pick a single variant to represent the race would deny the complexity, diversity, and variation they have developed.  Other options will be explored for those touched by the Necrosphere.

Vampires (Plane Shift)
Aversion Level: 3, 4
I had once attempted to incorporate the vampire of MtG into Monvesia as the strigoi of Voztok.  I removed the race in part because I didn't want to rely on the Plane Shift material, and in part because the continent was getting crowded.  I'm not exactly fond of the mehanics of the race, either.  Neither the Zendikar nor the Ixalan versions really appeal to me.  They are tailor made for their own settings.

Vedalken (Plane Shift, Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 1, 3
Vedalken are tied inexorably with MtG's colors of mana, concieved of as a land-dwelling blue-allied race to replace the merfolk on several worlds.  There isn't much distinct about the race to make them them worth adapting.

Viashino (Unearthed Arcana)
Aversion Level: 0, 4
Just a variation on the lizarfolk already in the game.  Perhaps I can eek out a couple of lizardfolk subraces as I did for the catfolk and dogfolk.

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