Artifice Codex

In the Shadow of the Artifice Masters  is an adventure campaign for D&D 5th edition based on Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Adventure Settings

The Sentinels storyline is a series of dungeon-like encounters through which the history and science of the series is explored.  Most of these include wilderness travel in order to access the "dungeon," while two are urban in nature.  Getting from location to location is most easily facilitated by seafaring--and ship-to-ship combat with other "pirates" is possible.

PART ONE: Liberation of Fantoma
  • Low-Level [1-3]
    • Royal Pyramid of Tiresia (urban)
      • Rescue from the Catacombs
      • Return to the Royal Chambers
  • Variable-Level [3-9]
    • Sekiton Mines
    • Genesis Pit
      • Side: The Pursuer / A New Ship
    • The Hin (wilderness)
    • Court of the Awareness (urban)
    • Crystal Caves
    • Temple of the Macassar
  • Mid-Level [9-11] (upon completing three of the above)
    • Home Hive
PART TWO: Return to Micronia

  • Reflex Point (11-13)
  • Omega Island (13-15)
  • Fort Liberty (15-17)

A hive is an invid stronghold, populated by goblinoids and "inorganics."  While a hive exists near every location listed above, and a portion of it may be included, only once is the hive itself the dungeon to explore.

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