Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Goblinoids of Prace

This post supersedes portions of "Humans of Monvesia, Part 2: Uncommon Humans" and "Other Non-Humans of Monvesia."
"Goblinoid" has come to mean three, particular, interrelated races in modern Dungeons & Dragons.  In the past, similar terms had been used to collectively describe these alongside ogres, orcs, gnolls, and kobolds as well.  It is in this wider context that I use the term when discussing the races of Monvesia.

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Goblinoids in Monvesia are the result of a temperamental disorder known as Taint.  Each tainted race has an untainted counterpart.  These races can be grouped into clades according to their regions of supposed origin. In some cases, this is because of their untainted counterparts' shared origin (humans and goliaths, dwarves and gnomes, rakasta and halflings).
  • Desolation Races
    • Ogres are tainted goliaths
      • Oni are the descendants of ogres left behind in Desolation.
    • Orcs are tainted humans
      • Ogrillons are thedescendants of orcs left behind in Desolation.
  • Pridelands Races
  • Dvergheim Races
    • Goblins are tainted gnomes
    • Hobgoblins are tainted dwarves
    • Bugbears are a tainted neanderthals
  • Henjali Races

Playable stats for many these races can be found in Volo's Guide to Monsters: bugbear, goblin, hobgoblin, and orc.
NOTE:  Elves and other fey creatures are immune to Taint, so there is no tainted counterpart to the elf.

Edited September 13, 2018 (kobold -> boggart); June 20, 2019 (removed half-orc); June 30, 2019 (removed kobold/boggart).

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