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History of Monvesia: Elder Ages

ybe = years before the [Divine Drajan] Empire
ye = year of the [Divine Drajan] Empire
The most likely "universal" date count.
ybk = years before the Kleimland
yk = year of the Kleimland
The dates as counted during my original campaign.
Human history begins with the fall of Prosperity The Elder Ages were a time of Legend--history and mythology are blended.  Dates are not exact, though a rough progression of events can be understood.

First Age / Spiritual Age

Over 3,000 ybe (Over 4,000 ybk)

  • As the giant races near extinction at the hands of the HMDJVNW they choose six humans--the sons of Honsu/Golai--to carry on their legacy as the patriarchs of the goliaths
  • By the end of the Giant-HMDJVNW War, the land of Prosperity has been transformed into the land of Desolation.
  • The HMDJVNW enslave the human and goliath races by psychological and emotional means.  They create the Taint to prevent human and goliath cultures from developing enough to become a threat--creating orcs and ogres.
  • Last of the serpent-folk dynasties of the Scalykind Empire; first of the lizardfolk dynasties.
  • Dwarven expansion leads to the second dwarven schism, establishing the duergar and korobokuru subraces.

Second Age / Luminous Age

Circa 3,000 ybe (Circa 4,000 ybk) 

  • Formation of the Cult of Human Perseverance as part of a resistance movement. Humans and goliaths revolt against the HMDJVNW.
  • Goliaths arrive in Monvesia by sea, hoping to escape a curse in their homeland. The goliaths spread through the southern portions of elf lands.

Circa 2,900 ybe (Circa 3,900 ybk)

  • Appearance of trolls in Prace.  Goliath medicine workers assume these are the result of a second strain of Taint native to their new homeland.

Cira 2,500 ybe (Circa 3,500 ybk)

  • The human exodus passes through the Scalikind Empire--regions human history call the Forest of Vines and the Sea of Sand.  Humanity encounters lizardfolk for the first time.  The lizardfolk lead the humans away from Henjal.

Less Than 2,500 ybe (Less Than 3,500 ybk)

  • Last of the lizardfolk dynasties of the decayed Scalikind Empire; stewardship of that realm's remains passes to a group of humans calling themselves yuan-ti.
  • Rise of the Three Vanara Kindgoms.
  • Neanderthals begin to migrate from Prace to the Crown.

Over 2,000 ybe (Over 3,000 ybk)

  • Taint spreads to the other races of Monvesia--creating goblins, hobgoblins, and gnolls.  Elves are not transformed.
  • The first humans ascend to sainthood.

Third Age / Igneous Age

Circa 2,000 ybe (Circa 3,000 ybk)

  • Humans arrive in Monvesia after crossing the Sea of Sand. They settle in the southern portions of rakasta territory [Veldistan].
  • Last known presence of neanderthals in Prace.

Less Than 2,000 ybe (Less Than 3,000 ybk)

  • Initial appearance of bugbears, assumed to be the human counterparts of trolls.
  • Lizardfolk sightings begin in Monvesia; many do not believe this elusive race could not have traveled this far, but sightings become more prevalent over time. While they are accepted as a presence, they are still rarely ever seen.
Circa 1,500 ybe (Circa 2,500 ybk)
  • Composition of The Hierophany of Mohas--the founding text of Temperamental Philosophy.  In this work, Mohas explores: 1) the inevitable ascension of his companion Baltus, whom he identifies as an "Anointed One," and 2) the cosmology of the Spheres and their inhabitants.
  • Humans expand into elvish territory [Notopoli, Cuorria]

Fourth Age / Terrestrial Age

Circa 1,000 ybe (Circa 2,500 ybk)

  • Humans expand into dwarven territory [Honderreich].

Circa 500 ybe (Circa 1,500 ybk)

  • Humans expand into the northwest [Galtain] and east [Voztok].

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