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Classifying Monvesian Creatures

As has been pointed out in previous posts, the nature of Monvesia is different from that other D&D worlds.  To accommodate these differences, there needs to be some minor shuffling of creatures.  A few new monster types have even been created.  Below, those creature types which are new or altered are listed.


Many creatures normally classified as monstrocities are included among the beasts of Monvesia. 

Daemons (Multiple Types)

Daemons are a family of several monster types, each tied to the transitive aspect of one of the Spheres. Four of these types already exist in the game, and two are new: Celestials, Fey, Fiends, Hybrids, Tulpa, and Undead.

The most powerful daemons are the beings that form pacts with mortal warlocks.  Archdaemons are unique creatures with individual identities and appearances.

Sphere Transitive Plane Daemon Type Archdaemon Warlock Pact
Hierosphere Aethereal Plane Celestial Virtues Celestial
Aerosphere Mental Plane Tulpa Muses Seeker
Pyrosphere Modal Plane Fiend Vices Fiend
Lithosphere Mirror Plane Hybrid Mirror Lords (Hexblade)
Hydrosphere Plane of Yore Fey Archfey Archfey
Nerosphere Plane of Fear Undead Undying Ones Undying
Parasphere noneAbomination Great Old Ones Great Old One


Non-Angel celestials are the daemons of the Hierosphere, native to the Aethereal Plane.  Angels have been re-classified as divinities.  The most powerful of these are the Virtues, living embodiment of altruistic tenets.


Some creatures otherwise classified as plants are fey in Monvesia.  They are also further divided into seelie and unseelie courts, so bear these designations as new tags.   Another tag, elfkin, has been added for those fey which are transcendent elves.  It is important to note that elfkin are not elves, and are not affected by spells and effects that target elves.  The archfey, semi-divine archetypes of the elfish race, are the most powerful of these beings.


Non-Demon, non-Devil, non-Yugoloth fiends are the daemons of the Pyrosphere, native the Modal Plane.  Their archdaemons are called Vices, and are unique beings embodying vitalist ideals.  Other fiends have ether been removed from the setting, or else have been re-classified as divinities.  

Hybrid (New Type)

Hybrid is a new creature type.  It includes monsters are drawn primarily from the ranks of the monstrosities.  They are monsters combining the traits of two or more other reatures, such as the chimera or sphinxes, native to the Mirror Plane of the Lithosphere.  These creatures find their origin in illusory reflections that combine the features of multiple creatures into one; having taken on lives on their own on the Mirror Plane, they can be summoned from there to the mortal world.  The Mirror Lords are unique and powerful hybrids. Hybrids still require food, drink , and sleep, just as a real-world monstrosity would.

Tulpa (New Type)

Tulpa is a new creature type.  They are the astral creations of mortals.  These are the daemons of the Aerosphere in Monvesia, inhabiting the Astral Plane of other worlds.  The most powerful of their kind are the Muses, egregores of liberal arts.  Tulpa do not require food, drink, or sleep.


Previously, undead were split into two categories (ethereal and umbral), but are no longer divided as such. While some undead have been moved to other categories, the majority remain daemons of the Necrosphere.  The eldest and strongest undead are the Undying.

Divinity (New Type)

Divinity is a new monster type that draws from existing types and incorporates new “monsters”. All divinities have a temperamental tag, linking them to one of the spheres; divinities with the (universalist) tag can be of any dominant temperament.  Since "angels" in Monvesia draw from several different creatures, the (angel) tag has been added.  For the most part, divinities have the ability to sponsor mortals for ascension; those that cannot have the (avatar) tag.


In order to accommodate Monvesian cosmology, Elementals carry a tag to denote which element they are tied to.  Often, this tag is obvious by the name of the creature.

Altered Creature Types

The list below shows the new types and tags for creatures of Monvesia.  The list inludes monsters from the Monster Manual and Volo's Guide to Monsters.
An asterisk (*) before an entry designates a creature new to the world of Monvesia.  These are (or will be) detailed in other posts.  For new creatures, the type it would have in other D&D worlds is also provided in {brackets}.  As new creatures are developed, they will be linked here.

* Aeon [divinity (universalist)] {aberration}

* Angel, Cherub / Sword Archon [divinity (angel) (materialist or vitalist)] {celestial}
Angel, Deva [divinity (angel) (altruist or dynamist)]
* Angel, Monad [divinity (angel) (dynamist or idealist)] {celestial}
* Angel, Paraclete [divinity (angel) (dynamist)] {celestial}
* Angel, Psychopomp [divinity (angel) (dynamist or nihilist)] {celestial}
Angel, Planetar [divinity (angel) (altruist or materialist)]
* Angel, Seraph [divinity (angel) (idealist or vitalist)] {celestial}
Angel, Solar [divinity (angel) (altruist or idealist)]
* Angel, Throne Archon [divinity (angel) (altruist)] {celestial}
* Angel, Trumpet Archon [divinity (angel) (idealist)] {celestial}

Azer [elemental (fire)]

* Blackball [elemental (void)]

Blight [fey (unseelie)]

Blink Dog [fey (seelie)]

Boggle [fey (unseelie)]

* Cabiri [fey (seelie) (elfkin)]

Cambion (and Nephilim) [divinity (scion) (universalist)]

Catoblepas [beast]

Centaur [hybrid]

Chimera [hybrid]

* Corybant [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]

Demon, Balor [divinity (angel) (vitalist)]
Demon, Shadow [divinity (angel) (nihilist)]

Devil, Erinyes [divinity (angel) (materialist or nihilist)]
Devil, Pit Fiend [divinity (angel) (materialist)]

Devourer [elemental (void)]

Dryad [fey (seelie) (elfkin)]

Eidolon [tulpa] {humanoid (astral)}

Elemental, Air [elemental (air)]
Elemental, Earth [elemental (earth)]
Elemental, Fire [elemental (fire)]
* Elemental, Light [elemental (light)]
* Elemental, Void [elemental (void)]
Elemental, Water [elemental (water)]

* Egregore [tulpa] {celestial}

Flail Snail [elemental (earth)]

Galeb Duhr [elemental (earth)]

Gargoyle [elemental (earth)]

Genie, Djinni [elemental (air)]
Genie, Dao [elemental (earth)]
Genie, Efreeti [elemental (fire)]
* Genie, Khodam [elemental (light)]
Genie, Marid [elemental (water)]
* Genie, Shaitan [elemental (void)]

Gorgon (as Colchitaur) [elemental (earth)]
Colchitaurs are bronze, not iron; they breathe a red-orange smoke that turn their victims into bronze.
Griffon [hybrid]

Hag, Annis [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]
Hag, Bheur [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]
Hag, Green [fey (unseelie)  (elfkin)]
Hag, Night [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]
Hag, Sea [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]

Harpy [hybrid]

* Haunt [undead]; aka. Ghost, Lesser

* Helion [elemental (fire)]

Hippogriff [hybrid]

Hydra [dragon]

* Hydrax [elemental (water)]

Invisible Stalker [elemental (air)]

Korred [fey (unseelie)]

Kraken [dragon (titan)]

* Kryst [elemental (earth)]

Lamia [hybrid]

Magmin [elemental (fire)]

Manticore [hybrid]

Meenlock [fey (unseelie)]

* Mephit, Ash [elemental (fire) (void)]
* Mephit, Aurora [elemental (light) (void)]
* Mephit, Brine [elemental (void) (water)]
* Mephit, Cloud [elemental (light) (water)]
* Mephit, Crystal [elemental (earth) (light)]
Mephit, Dust [elemental (air) (earth)]
* Mephit, Filth [elemental (earth) (void)]
Mephit, Ice [elemental (air) (water)]
* Mephit, Lightning [elemental (air) (light)]
Mephit, Magma [elemental (earth) (fire)]
Mephit, Mud [elemental (earth) (water)]
* Mephit, Radiant [elemental (light) (fire)]
Mephit, Smoke [elemental (air) (fire)]
Mephit, Steam [elemental (fire) (water)]
* Mephit, Vacuum [elemental (air) (void)]

Minotaur [hybrid]

Myconid [fey]

* Naiad [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]

* Nightshade, Nightcrawler [elemental (void)]
* Nightshade, Nightwalker [elemental (void)]
* Nightshade, Nightwing [elemental (void)]

* Oceanid [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]

* Oread [fey (seelie) (elfkin)]

Owlbear [hybrid]

Peryton [hybrid]

* Phantom, Apparition [undead]
* Phantom, Shade [undead]
* Phantom, Vision [undead]

Quickling [fey (unseelie)]

Redcap [fey (unseelie)]

Roc [beast]

* Saint [divinity (universalist)] {celestial}

Salamander [elemental (fire)]
Salamander, Fire Snake [elemental (fire)]

Satyr [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]

* Servitor [tulpa] {construct (astral)}

Shadow [elemental (void)]

Shadow Mastiff [elemental (void)]

* Silen [fey (seelie) (elfkin)]

* Spirit, Druj [undead]
* Spirit, Odic [undead]

Sphinx, Androsphinx [hybrid]
* Sphinx, Criosphinx [hybrid]
Sphinx, Gynosphinx [hybrd]
* Sphinx, Hierachosphinx [hybrid]; aka. Griffon, Greater

Sprite [fey (seelie)]

Succubus/Incubus [divinity (angel) (nihilist or vitalist)]

* Sylph [fey (seelie) (elfkin)]

Tarrasque [dragon (titan)]

* Thiasia, Lampad [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]
* Thiasia, Maenad [fey (unseelie) (elfkin)]

Treant [fey (seelie) (elfkin)]

Undine [elemental (water)]

Vegepygmy [fey (seelie)]

Will-o'-Wisp [elemental (void)]

Wood Woad [fey (seelie)]

Xorn [elemental (earth)]

Yeth Hound [fey (unseelie)]

RetCon Notes

Some creatures previous identified as not of Monvesia are, by this post, re-introduced into the setting. These include:  centaurs, coatls, empyreans, gorgons (as colchitaurs), minotaurs, and rakshasa.

Other creatures once embraced by Monvesia, but yet to be used in the setting, have been removed:  such as modrons and slaadi.  The sladdi are replaced by the non-Demon, non-Devil, non-Yugoloth fiends; wihle the modrons are replaced by the new hybrids.

Edited August 29, 2017 [new fey]; September 3, 2017; September 13, 2017 [new undead & elementals].

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