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Classifying Monvesian Creatures: Fey [& Plants]

The fey of Monvesia are classified into courts--one for each of the elfish seasons, and roughly corresponding to the four common elfish genders or baseline elements.  These courts are ruled by the archfey which either inspired or created them.  Two new types of fey are introduced below:  Paracelsians, fey with a close relationship to the elements; and Thiasians, fey in service to a particular archfey.

In addition to seasonal court, three other subtypes or tags have also been applied to the fey:

Beastie.  Some fey are also animals--but not quite beasts.  They still have an innate connection to Faerie.

Elfkin.  Early on in the setting, I declared that elves are unable to ascend to sainthood; instead, I left them the option of transcendenceElfkin tag are those fey which were once elves.  For the most part, spring fey were once sylphids, summer fey sprights, autumn fey pucks, and winter fey ondines.  The exceptions here are: 1) fetches may transcend to any elfkin form; 2) sylphids may transcend to any thaiasia forms, despite those forms being semi-divine attendants on archfey other than their own.

Plant.  Several of the fey on the lists below are ordinarily classified as other types, particularly plants, but are treated as fey in Monvesia.  They are still treated seperately as plants, as well.  That is, spells and abilities that would affect fey would also affect plants; but those which only affect plants would have no affect on other fey.

Spring Fey

Archfey:  Äiti the All-Mother 
Dryad [fey (spring) (elfkin)]
* Paracelsian, Aurae [fey (spring) (elfkin)] {fey or elemental}
* Thiasia, Corybant [fey (spring) (elfkin)] {fey or celestial or fiend} (attendants of Äiti)
Valenar Animals (as Faerie Animals) [fey (spring) (beastie)] EBB
Faerie Animals are awakened animals native to Faerie; these creatures are allowed to enter the mortal realm in order to serve as companions to the elves.

Summer Fey

Archfey:  Vihreät the Green Man 
Blink Dog [fey (summer) (beastie)]
* Paracelsian, Pyrkae [fey (summer) (elfkin)] {fey}
Sprite [fey (summer)]
Treant [fey (summer) (elfkin) (plant)]
Vegepygmy [fey (summer) (plant)]
Wood Woad [fey (summer) (plant)]

Autumn Fey

Archfey:  Sarvipäinen the Horned One
Blight [fey (autumn) (plant)]
Myconid [fey (autumn) (plant)]
* Paracelsian, Oread [fey (autumn) (elfkin)] {fey or elemental}
Satyr [fey (autumn) (elfkin)]
* Thiasia, Maenad [fey (autumn) (elfkin)] {fey or celestial or fiend} (attendants of Sarvipäinen)

The rivalry between Sarvipäinen and Vihreät is millennia old; ever does the Horned One seek to destroy or currupt the creations of the Green Man.  For this reason, the vegepygmies and wood woads of the summer court have decaying counterparts in in autumn court: the blights and the myconids.

Winter Fey

Archfey:  Noitia the Witch Queen 
Boggle [fey (dark)]
Hag, Annis [fey (winter) (elfkin)]
Hag, Bheur [fey (winter) (elfkin)]
Hag, Dusk [fey (winter) (elfkin)] EBB
Hag, Green [fey (winter)  (elfkin)]
Hag, Night [fey (winter) (elfkin)]
Hag, Sea [fey (winter) (elfkin)]
Korred [fey (dark)]
Meenlock [fey (dark)]
* Paracelsian, Naiad [fey (winter) (elfkin)] {fey or elemental}
Quickling [fey (dark)]
Redcap [fey (dark)]
* Thiasia, Lampad [fey (winter) (elfkin)] {fey or fiend} (attendants of Noitia)
Yeth Hound [fey (winter) (beastie)]

Noitia is the most ambitious of the archfey.  In addition to several variants on the elfkin hag, she has also created several other non-elfkin fey forms to serve her as tricksters:  boggles, korreds, meenlocks, quicklings, and redcaps.  These consider Noitia their mother, and are fiercely loyal to her (while her hags are of more independent mindset).

Edited Nov 29, 2019.

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