Saturday, March 30, 2019

LegacySPΩRE: Sky-Shot & Sage

In my reboot/sequel Heroes Unlimited campaign--the guinea pig for my SPΩRE rules--a new generation of characters have made their way to the Firebird Institute in western Massachusetts.
My earlier players might better recognize the organization in question as the Phoenix Institution--where they once served on a team called the Phoenix Force.  These have since been retconned to Firebird Institute and Firebird Patrol.
Since the last campaign [20 years ago in both real and game time] the United States have collapsed, and a collection of new federations has come to dominate North America in its wake.  Furthermore, mutants and psionics have come to be recognized as a "growing issue;" these parahumans need to be dealt with--but the successor states cannot agree on how.  In Texas, Dixie, and Appalachia parahumans are feared and their population controlled; in New England, California, and Cascadia parahumans are celebrated and their population protected.  These recent events form the backdrop of the LegacySPORE setting.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Elves of Prace and Xahaca

Getting elves *right* has been difficult in this setting.  Here is my latest attempt.  This post replaces both "Elves of Monvesia" and "Monvesian Culture: Elfish Gender."
Language Analog:  Finnish (Prace), Hungarian (Xahaca)
Inspiration:  Greek myth, fairy folklore, Wicca

Tainted Counterpart: none, elves are immune to Taint
Temperamental Association: Vitalist

Names (any gender): Aamu, Aatos, Ahti, Aimo, Aino, Alli, Ansa, Armas, Armo, Arvo, Aulis, Eija, Eino, Hella, Hilja, Ilma, Ilta, Impi, Into, Jalo, Kai, Kaleva, Kauko, Kielo, Kirsikka, Kukka, Kyllikki, Lahja, Lempi, Lumi, Mainio, Maire, Meri, Merja, Oiva, Onni, Orvokki, Otso, Paiva, Pilvi, Pyry, Rauha, Ritva, Sade, Sampo, Satu, Seija, Seppo, Sini, Sirpa, Sisu, Soile, Sulo, Suoma, Suvi, Tahti, Taika, Taime, Taisto, Taipo, Tarmo, Taru, Tauno, Terhi, Terho, Terttu, Toivo, Tuija, Tuuli, Tyyne, Ukko, Urho, Vanamo, Varpu, Veli, Vesa, Vieno, Virva, Voitto, Vuokko