SPΩRE as Setting ...

SPΩRE--the Shared Parallel Origin Roleplaying Experience--is a set of interrelated adventure gaming settings that share the same world, an alternate version of our own reality.  Each setting represents an alternate timeline, with a unique event that does not occur in the other worlds--emphasizing different, shared elements of that speculative reality.
  • GaiaSPORE is an sci-fi setting adopting several anime and mecha tropes; it is heavily inspired by Robotech (specifically Southern Cross and Mospeada), Firefly, Voltron, Star Blazers / Yamato, Battletech, Star Trek, and Stargate.
    • Unique Event: Caliban Incident
    • Palladium AnalogsAfter the Bomb, Chaos Earth, Robotech
    • d20 Modern Analogs:  Star Drive, Mecha Crusade
    • Other AnalogsBattletech/Mechwarrior
    • Literary Inspiration -
      • Hogan, James P.  Inherit the Stars.
  • LegacySPORE is a heroic comic book setting based on an early [Revised] Heroes Unlimited campaign.  This setting is influenced by X-Men, Batman, The Watchmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and WildC.A.T.s.
    • Unique Event:  Wormwood Superbolide Event
    • Palladium AnalogsHeroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness
    • d20 Modern Analogs:  Agents of Psi, Genetech, Pulp Heroes
    • Other Analogs:  DC Extended Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Literary Inspiration -
      • Crichton, Michael.  Jurassic Park.
      • _____.  The Lost World.
      • _____.  Sphere.
  • EldritchSPORE is a horror setting embracing movie monsters, cinematic witchcraft, and Lovecraftian elements; inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel), Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Being Human, Dante's Cove, and Ghostbusters.  
    • Unique Event: Visitations of Israfil & Rafaela
    • Palladium AnalogsBeyond the Supernatural, Dead Reign, Nightbane (aka. Nightspawn).
    • d20 Modern Analogs:  Dark Matter, Shadow Chasers (and its "prequel" Shadow Stalkers)
    • Other Analogs:  Universal Classic Monsters, Dark Universe
    • Literary Inspiration -
      • TBD

Shared Elements

Several elements are shared by these settings--though each appears according to each settings particular "rules."
  • Other Life Forms
    • Daemons
    • Elder Horrors (ex. Rhtaret)
    • Martians, aka. Kanadhi
    • Parahumans
  • Alternate Historic Events
    • Daemonic Rebellion
    • Daemonomachy
    • Martian Exodus
    • Empires' End
    • Century War (though the reason is different in each setting)
  • Organizations of Interest
    • S./P.I.Re.
  • TriCosm

Unique Elements

There are still unique elements to each setting as well:

  • GaiaSPORE
    • Caliban Incident
      • NOTE:  Space exploration and colonization are stunted in the other settings, with humanity barely reaching Mars after the Century War
    • Martian Research Institute
    • I.O.C.A.S.T.A.
    • Polaris Legion
  • LegacySPORE
    • Wormwood Superbolide Event
    • Firebird Institute & Ember Village
    • Church of Human Perserverance
    • Parahuman Homeland Initiative / Parahuman Liberation Army
      • NOTE:  The PHI & PLA will not exist in other settings; equivalents will not arise until after the Century War. 
  • EldritchSPORE
    • Visitations of Israfil Trismegistus & Mother Rafaela
      • NOTE:  While the Barrow of Rhtaret does exist in Hillchester, N.H. in the other settings, the town has not developed beyond a one school village. The discovery of Elder Horrors does not occur until after the Cenury War in other settings.
    • Watchful Order of Hermetic Masters
    • Kenworthy Sisterhood
    • Barrow Falls College

In a way, the Martian Research Institute, the Firebird Institute, and Barrow Falls College are a shared element.  They are academic establishments tied to the inciting incidents of their worlds.  However, characters involved with one institution will not necessarily have their counterparts in the other worlds involved with that reality's equivalent organization.

SPΩRE as Ruleset...

SPΩRE--the Superhuman & Paranormal Omniversal Roleplaying Experience--is a proprietary rules set that is based on a modified version of the Revised-era Palladium Megaversal rules--affectionately called "Heroes, Ninjas, Superspies, and other Strangeness."  Variations on elements from both Mechwarrior Second Edition and d20 Modern are also incorporated.
Why not Second Edition Palladium?  1) I do not like that version of the system's reliance on M.D.C.; 2) P.P.E. has evolved into a "clone" of I.S.P., removing the uniqueness of psionics; 3) while supernatural, superhuman, and extraordinary may represent degrees of relative power, these degrees should not follow their own rules, but be treated as a spectrum.

House rules incorporated into the Revised Palladium rules include:
  • Percentile Attributes
  • Priorities
    • Education & Skills
    • Wealth
  • Skills
    • Skill Percentages
    • Skill List (every Palladium game master has their own, really)
    • Skill Programs
    • Special Training Programs
    • Martial Arts
  • Non-P.P.E. Magic
  • Revised BIO-E System

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