SPΩRE as Setting ...

SPΩRE--the Shared Parallel Origin Roleplaying Experience--is a set of interrelated adventure gaming settings that share the same world, an alternate version of our own reality.  Each setting represents an alternate timeline, with a unique event that does not occur in the other worlds--emphasizing different, shared elements of that speculative reality.
  • GaiaSPORE is an sci-fi setting adopting several anime and mecha tropes; it is heavily inspired by Robotech (specifically Southern Cross and Mospeada), Firefly, Voltron, Star Blazers / Yamato, Battletech, Star Trek, and Stargate.
    • Unique Event: Caliban Incident
    • Palladium AnalogsAfter the Bomb, Chaos Earth, Robotech
    • d20 Modern Analogs:  Star Drive, Mecha Crusade
    • Other AnalogsBattletech/Mechwarrior
  • LegacySPORE is a heroic comic book setting based on an early [Revised] Heroes Unlimited campaign.  This setting is influenced by X-Men, Batman, The Watchmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and WildC.A.T.s.
    • Unique Event:  Wormwood Superbolide Event
    • Palladium AnalogsHeroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness
    • d20 Modern Analogs:  Agents of Psi, Genetech, Pulp Heroes
  • EldritchSPORE is a horror setting embracing movie monsters, cinematic witchcraft, and Lovecraftian elements; inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel), Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Being Human, Dante's Cove, and Ghostbusters.  
    • Unique Event: Visitations of Israfil & Rafaela
    • Palladium AnalogsBeyond the Supernatural, Dead Reign, Nightbane (aka. Nightspawn).
    • d20 Modern Analogs:  Dark Matter, Shadow Chasers (and its "prequel" Shadow Stalkers)

Shared Elements

Several elements are shared by these settings--though each appears according to each settings particular "rules."
  • Other Life Forms
    • Daemons
    • Elder Horrors (ex. Rhtaret)
    • Martians, aka. Kanadhi
    • Parahumans
  • Alternate Historic Events
    • Daemonic Rebellion
    • Daemonomachy
    • Martian Exodus
    • Empires' End
    • Century War
  • Organizations of Interest
    • I.O.C.A.S.T.A.
    • S./P.I.Re.
  • TriCosm

Unique Elements

There are still unique elements to each setting as well:

  • GaiaSPORE
    • Caliban Incident
      • NOTE:  Space exploration and colonization are stunted in the other settings, with humanity barely reaching Mars after the Century War
    • Martian Research Institute
    • Polaris Legion
  • LegacySPORE
    • Wormwood Superbolide Event
    • Firebird Institute & Ember Village
    • Church of Human Perserverance
    • Parahuman Homeland Initiative / Parahuman Liberation Army
      • NOTE:  The PHI & PLA will not exist in other settings until after the Century War. 
  • EldritchSPORE
    • Visitations of Israfil Trismegistus & Mother Rafaela
      • NOTE:  While the Barrow of Rhtaret does exist in Hillchester, N.H.  in the other settings, the town has not developed beyond a one school village. The discovery of Elder Horrors does not occur until after the Cenury War in other settings.
    • Watchful Order of Hermetic Masters
    • Kenworthy Sisterhood
    • Barrow Falls College

SPΩRE as Ruleset...

SPΩRE--the Superhuman & Paranormal Omniversal Roleplaying Experience--is a proprietary rules set that is based on a modified version of the Revised-era Palladium Megaversal rules--affectionately called "Heroes, Ninjas, Superspies, and other Strangeness."  Variations on elements from both Mechwarrior Second Edition and d20 Modern are also incorporated.
Why not Second Edition Palladium?  1) I do not like that version of the system's reliance on M.D.C.; 2) P.P.E. has evolved into a "clone" of I.S.P., removing the uniqueness of psionics; 3) while supernatural, superhuman, and extraordinary may represent degrees of relative power, these degrees should not follow their own rules, but be treated as a spectrum.

House rules incorporated into the Revised Palladium rules include:
  • Percentile Attributes
  • Priorities
    • Education & Skills
    • Wealth
  • Skills
    • Skill Percentages
    • Skill List (every Palladium game master has their own, really)
    • Skill Programs
    • Special Training Programs
    • Martial Arts
  • Non-P.P.E. Magic

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