Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Super Generic RPG Post Go!

I like RPGs.  I also like lists:  I think in lists.  I organize in lists.  I conceptualize in lists.  It is, therefore, natural for me to detail my experiences with RPGs in lists.  So, here is a handful of lists that I have been kicking around for a while.  Each could be its own post with details and almost-thought-provoking commentary.  But they have been sitting in my drafts for so long that maybe they just want to be lists.

Also, a picture of my dice collection.

Describing RPGs

While working at a game store, I developed a larger tabletop gaming vocabulary.  I learned the "proper" way to describe games to customers--and the necessary keywords to link one game a player enjoys to another they might want to try.  This has led me to ask the question:  What are the best "gamer buzzwords" to describe RPGs?
  • Adventure
  • Cooperative
  • Immersion
  • Legacy
  • Resource Management
  • Storytelling
Did I miss any important ones?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Nefret, Chapter 12: The Walled Shrine

The tribe of Maftets that Tetisurah suggested the party visit was due near Hut-Ra-Neskef (formerly Oasis) a month ago--but their visit appears to have been delayed.  The town leaders are concerned for the safety of their allies in the wilderness.  Before visiting Oasis, the maftets would stop at a walled shrine two weeks travel away--perhaps someone should go there to see if they can learn of the tribe's fate.

Important Locations

Parched Dunes

The parched dunes are a region of the great desert beyond Tem-Akh--a mix of flowing sand, badlands, craggy rock, and hills.  It is the Parched Dunes that seperate the Nefret River valley from the catfolk homeland of Tamisha.  Here, there are many natural dangers, some ruins, and even fewer settlements.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

History of Nefret: Fall of the Sphinx Empire & the Coming of the Netjer

While Nyala, Jaeth, and Kiji gathered followers in Oasis, Aloysa and Crenn took that time to compile the notes they had gathered to date in hopes of forming a cohesive history of the Sphinx Empire.  Here are the facts that they were able to compile.  The "facts" below represent what the current evidence suggests to be true.  As the player delve further into the mysteries of the Aten and its past, these facts will evolve. ... Y'know, like the way real history books work ;-p

The Last Sphinx Queen

Before the rise of the elves in Nefret, the land was ruled by two, competing nations:  The Sphinx Empire in the desert and plains, and the Great Kingdom of the Naga in the swamps and mountains.  The "lesser," humanoid races were the servants of these greater beings.  Though the nations were never explicitly at war one with another, the peace between them was rough at times.  After the sphinx queen Ankharet had achieved a semblance of immortality, she took the golden naga Kozuragen as her consort.  Peace between the sphinxes and he nagas seemed almost certain--a peace that would come to be symbolized by half-breed princess Meraph.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Factions of Monvesia: Fellows & Lyncasta

I continue to explore elements of the 5th Edition D&D rules, adapting the new additions to Monvesia.  Here are two more 5th-Edition-style factions for Monvesia.  While the Crusaders of the Temperamental Orders and the Leagues of Ninety Nine were already integral parts of the campaign setting, the two presented below are new creations  ... sort of.

The Guild of Fellows is an adaptation and expansion of the influence of Vastfurt Academy--an institution whose creation and growth were plot points in Monvesia's founding campaign.  I'm adding this as an option for the campaign because my new round of perspective players have been following similar ideals in other campaigns.

The Lyncasta are a direct adaptation of the Emerald Enclave of the Forgotten Realms.  The name has been changed to reflect Monvesian history, and campaign-specific details are added.  It is also included to match the play style of some potential players

Therefore, the factions of Monvesia as they relate to the factions of Forgotten Realms are as follows:

  • The Crusaders are the Order of the Gauntlet and the Lords' Alliance
  • Guild of Fellows are The Harpers (mostly)
  • Leagues of Ninety-Nine are the Zhentarim [and partly The Harpers]
  • The Lyncasta are a militant Emerald Enclave

Friday, June 24, 2016

Vanara of Henjal

Image result for vanara

Language Analog: Tamil
Inspiration: Vanara of Hindu mythology, Oriental Adventures, and the Pathfinder RPG
While developing a world for another 5th edition campaign, a player asked to play a Vanara--for which there are not yet official rules.  We found an option online that suited our needs, and modified the race's culture as necessary.  Having settled on a version of the race that I liked for 5th Edition, I began to wonder how this race might fit in Monvesia.

Tainted Counterpart:  Yetis (and sasquatches, a temperate forest variant)
Temperamental Association:  Multiple, by culture.