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Mummy's Mask Campaign

A variation on the Mummy's Mask adventure path incorporating other published and homebrew adventures.

Characters of Note

Current Party Members

Including player characters, companions, hirelings, etc.  Non-player characters are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Aloysa, Nomadic Catfolk Ranger, Archaeologist seeking Restoration
    • Ysmitja (aka Kitty-Kitty or Cat), spotted tiger companion
  • Crenn, Half-Elf Sorcerer, Outlander in pursuit of Prophecy
  • * Ibankhkhnum ("Iban"), Ram Cattlefolk Fighter, discharged captain of the Pharaonic Guard
    • Pawet, jackal pet
  • Jaeth, Wild Dogfolk Fighter (Sorcerer), Blue Blood seeking to offer Reparation
    • Kijinx, hieracosphinx figurine of wondrous power
    • Picasi, oread monk (cohort)
    • Warrior Followers:  15 level 1, 1 level 2; serving as soldiers
  • Kiji, Falcon Tengu Inquisitor,  Old Soul seeking Reestablishment
    • Esphe, jackal dogfolk cleric of Nephthys (cohort)
    • Adept Followers:  15 level 1, 1 level 2; serving as ministers & attendants
  • Nyala, Antelope Cattlefolk Desert Druid, Troubled Artisan seeking Recompense
    • Raj, vulture companion
    • Rabiah, human oracle (cohort)
    • Expert Followers:  5 level 1, serving as "roadies"
  • Pleebit, Poison Grippli Swamp Druid, Exile seeking Redemption
    • Clyde, crocodile companion

Former Party Members

Being any character once included above.

Important Non-Player Characters

  • Atenhotep II, Half-Elf Cleric, Pharaoh of the Three Kingdoms, High Priest of the Aten
  • Djoseti, Desert Elf Commoner, dead hermit who had survived an attack from the "Hungry Cloud"
  • Embalmers' Guild
  • Muminofrah, River Elf, governor of Tem-Akh; had an intense, passing interest in Aloysa; became a patron of Nyala's curiosity show
    • Granted access to the various libraries of Tem-Akh
  • Order of the Medjay
  • Oshep, High Elf Aristocrat, a noble, rival of Sebti; interested in education in ancient Wati; has connections with the Order of the Medjay
    • Hired a team of embalmers to explore a school in Wati
    • Permitted Velriana access to explore a temple in Wati
    • Hired our party to re-explore the same school in Wati
    • One-time "lover" of Muminofrah
  • Pharaonic Guard
  • Ra of the Horizon Hakotep, the Sphinx god once verenated in the same manner as the Aten.
  • Sebti, High Elf Aristocrat, a noble, rival of Oshep; interested in noble life in ancient Wati
    • Hired Velriana to investigate a brothel in Wati
    • Hired our party to explore three sites in Wati
  • Tetisurah, sphinx guardian of Chisisek's tomb and the Parched Dunes
  • Velriana Hypaxes, Human Wizard, leader of another archaeological team working with nobles in Peraten

Other Non-Player Characters

Those who do not have an impact on the storym, but have connections to player characters or important NPCs.
  • Khnummose ("Mose"), Cattlefolk Ranger, twin brother of Ibankhnum; husband of Nayram, currently living in Tamisha
  • Nayram, Agrarian Catfolk Bard, mystic poet of some renown; husband of Mose, currently living in Tamisha

The Story So Far

Campaign Locations

    • City of Peraten
      • Central Elf District
        • Tooth and Hookah (Chaps. 1-6)
        • Sebti's Estate (Chaps. 1 - 3, 6)
        • Great Temple of the Sun (Kiji's Quest, Chap. 3)
        • Oshep's Estate (Chap. 6)
      • Western Dogfolk District
        • Lesser/Funerary Temple of the Sun (Kiji's Quest)
      • Eastern Tengu District
    • Wati, the Dead City
      • Wati Gate & Ray of the Aten (Chaps 1-3, 6)
      • Tomb of Akhentepi (Chap. 1)
      • House of Pentheru (Chap. 2)
      • Sanctum of the Erudite Soul (Chap. 3)
      • Pyramid of Arithmetic Bliss (Chap. 6)
    • Valley of the Princes
      • Outside the valley
        • Pyramid of Sekh-Pa-Mefer III / Pharaoh of the Sphinxes (Chap. 4)
      • Entrance Corridor
      • Northern Corridor
      • Eastern Corridor
        • Tomb of Fen-Ra-Shep (Chap. 5)
        • Sepulcher of the Servant (Chap. 7)
    • Other
      • Djoseti's cave (Cecil's Quest)
      • Catacomb/Quarry Sanctuaries (Kiji's Quest)
      • Royal Tombs
      • Sphinx Empire city (Chap. 8)
    • Great Nefret Valley
      • Road from Paraten to Tem-Akh (Chap. 8)
    • City of Tem-Akh
      • Old City
        • Great Library of Tem-Akh (Chap. 9)
      • New City
        • former Tower of Ra's Glory (Chap. 9)
        • Vault of Hidden Wisdom (Chap. 9)
      • Wadjet's Walk
        • Muminofrah's Barge (Chap. 9)
      • Outer City
    • Tomb of Chisisek (Chap. 10)
    • Oasis / Hut-Ra-Neskef  (Chap. 11)
    • Walled Shrine (Chap.  12)
    • Sightless Sphinx (Chap. 13)

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