Nefret House Rules



The khopesh is not an exotic weapon, but the rapier is.


Price:  20gp
Damage:  1d6 (S), 1d8 (L)
Critical:  19-20/x2
Range:  n/a
Weight:  8 lbs.
Type:  S
Special:  Trip

This heavy blade has a convex curve near the end, making its overall shape similar to that of a battleaxe. A typical khopesh is 20 to 24 inches in length. Its curved shape allows the wielder to hook around defenses and trip foes. The elegant shape of a khopesh leads some artisans to cover them in ornate decorations.


A character's initaive bonus is as follows:

Dex modifier + Wis modifier + Misc. Modifiers

Any character with a class (or other) ability that adds their Wis modifier to initiate may also add any ranks they have in the Perception skill to their initiative modifier.  This is ranks only, and does not apply to other modifiers to the Perception skill.

Multiple Attacks

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