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Planes of Monvesia: Liminal Companions

The dichotomy of Faerie and the Abyss was introduced in 4th Edition, when the Feywild was set up as a counterpoint to the Shadowfell (an evolution of the Plane of Shadow).  In Monvesia, this relationship is repeated by making these two planes the Limninal Companions.  As companions, these two planes share a connection to the Lithosphere and the Pyrosphere.

While Faerie is a realm of life and creation, the Abyss is a realm of death and decay.  They are bound by Vaspyron, the dominion of the morning and evening star--dawn and dusk as reflections of these two planes.  Monvesia's mortal inhabitants further bind these transitive planes:  While the elves of Prace (or haltias) retain the race's original connection to Faerie, the elves of Xahaca (or hulders) have abondoned that plane in favor of the darkness of the Abyss.

Liminal Rings

The far reaches of the transitive planes contain gateways of energy that act as gateways to the worlds beyond.  On the liminal planes, these take the form of rings of shimmering color, 1d6 x 10 feet in diameter.  These gateways can be identified by their colors:
  • White, Hierosphere (elemental plane of light) [Faerie]
  • Purple, Orbimond (material plane)
  • Bright Yellow, Hesperia [Faerie]
  • Gold, Lithosphere (elemental plane of earth)
  • Brown, Stygia [Abyss]
  • Orange, Purgatory
  • Hot Pink, Elysium [Faerie]
  • Red, Pyrosphere (elemental plane of fire)
  • Maroon, Gehenna [Abyss]
  • Black, Necrosphere (elemental plane of void) [Abyss]


Spheres/Elements:  Hierosphere (Light), Lithosphere (Earth), Pyrosphere (Fire)
Temperaments:  Altruism, Materialism, Vitalism
Inhabitants & Rulers:  Fey, Archfey
Alternate Names:  Plane of Yore
Opposing Plane:  Limbo
Dominion:  the Morning and Evening Star
D&D Analog:  Feywild (4th & 5th)

AN endless canopy of leaves stretches endlessly.  Deep below, coterminous with the core of Orvemont, is a thick knot of roots.  Trunks of trees miles wide trust beyond--and their great branches form the world of Faerie.  In the deep faerie, vines and branches spread further and further apart, until leafy wisps in an endless daytime sky of stars remain.  Here, every season exists simultaneously--any given branch has buds, leaves of green or red, and barren branches.  Veins of gold and silver and metals unknown to the mortal world can be found embedded in the otherworldy wood.

The eladrin, nonbinary haltias, can be found wandering the Near Faerie, shifting through the natural seasons of light.  They can be found among the other fey inhabitants of the realm, waiting on the great archfey who rule the plane.
The rules presented in chapter 2 of the Dungeon Master's Guide relating to the Feywild apply to Faerie.  Spells and creatures that make use of the Feywild do so through the analog of Faerie.

The Abyss

Spheres/Elements:  Lithosphere (Earth), Necrosphere (Void), Pyrosphere (Fire)
Temperaments:  Materialism, Nihilism, Vitalism
Inhabitants & Rulers:  Undead, Undying
Alternate Names:  Plane of Shadow, Plane of Entropy, the Pit, the Underdark
Opposing Plane:  the Dreaming
Dominion:  the Morning and Evening Star
D&D Analog:  Plane of Shadow (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Shadowfell (4th & 5th)

The Abyss is dull and barren.  The air is thick with dust and smoke.  Over time, a veil of ash will come to cover everything. A realm of eternal darkness, even torches and lanterns brought by outsiders do not shine as bright as they would elsewhere; however, even if one could see, there is nothing to be seen:  A landscape without life, a sky without stars.  Even the tectonic fluctuations of the mortal world are unknown here--a featureless, flat plain.

The shadar-kai, nonbinary hulders, mimic their kin in wandering the Near Abyss--a place that shuns the seasons, and embraces only death.  They are accompanied by the cursed dead who shall never find peace, and the Undying host that rules them.
The rules presented in chapter 2 of the Dungeon Master's Guide relating to the Shadowfell apply to the Abyss.  Spells and creatures that make use of the Shadowfell do so through the analog of the Abyss.

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