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Languages of Monvesia

Gothic alphabet
Common Script [Gothic alphabet]

Standard Languages

The following are the equivalents of the "Standard Languages" outlined in the Player's Handbook.
  • Common Languages of Prace - There are six (6!) common [ie. human] languages, one for each human culture; all Common languages share the same script.
      • Human characters, (but not including half-human and planetouched) should select two common languages at first level--one representing their culture of origin, and one other.
      • Other characters should select one common language, generally representing the nearest human population; for half-humans and planetouched, this represents their culture of origin.
      • All player characters in a single party should share at least one language (though this does not have to be a common language).
    • Cuorrian ("Central Common") - spoken by Romance/Latinate people of the central river region, many elves, some halflings, some goliaths [aka. “Herzlander”]
    • Galtish ("Western Common") - spoken by Celtic people of the northwest region, some gnomes, some rakasta [aka. “Galtannian” or “Galtlander”]
    • Honderreicher ("Northern Common") - spoken by Germanic people of the northern region, some dwarves, some halflings, some rakasta, some gnomes [aka. “Ondrian”]
    • Notopolitan ("Southern Common") - spoken by Hellenic people of the southern region, some goliaths [aka. “Notopian”]
    • Veldi ("Desert Common") -  spoken by Persian people of the western region, some rakasta [aka. “Baldian”]
    • Voztokny ("Eastern Common") - spoken by Slavonic people east of the river region, some dwarves , some goliaths, [aka. “Tsarish” or “Tsarian” or “Tzarlander”]

Georgian Nuskhuri (ⴌⴓⴑⴞⴓⴐⴈ) alphabet
Dwarvish Script [Georgian Nuskhuri alphabet]

  • Non-Human Languages of Prace
    • Dwarvish - spoken by dwarves; written with the dwarvish script
    • Elvish - spoken by elves; written with the elvish script
    • Goliath - spoken by goliaths; written with the goliath script  [equivalent to giant]
    • Gnomish - spoken by gnomes (similar to dwarvish); written with the dwarvish script
    • Halfling - spoken by halflings (similar to gnollish); written with the common or rakasta script
    • Rakasta - spoken by rakasta; written with the rakasta script

  • Non-Human Languages of Henjal
    • Lizardfolk - spoken by lizardfolk; written in the draconic script
    • Vanara - spoken  by vanara; written in the vanara script

  • Non-Human Languages of Raviq
    • Dogfolk - spoken by dogfolk; written in the dogfolk script

  • Tainted Languages - The process that taints a humanoid also connects them to a collective unconscious that imparts knowledge of a shared language; all tainted languages are written in a tainted script
    • Goblin - spoken by bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins
    • Orcish - spoken by orcs, ogres and trolls
    • Gnollish - spoken by gnolls and boggarts

Székely-Hungarian Rovás
Székely-Hungarian Rovás numerals
Elvish Script [Hungarian runes]

Exotic Languages

The following are the equivalents of the "Exotic Languages" outlined in the Player's Handbook.

Writing from the Voynich manuscript
Planar Script (Voynich manuscript writing)

  • Outsider Languages - All outsiders speak mutually unintelligible dialects of the ancient source of all language; but they do all share the same Planar script.  These are also used as liturgical languages by clerics of the philosophical temperaments.
    • Aquan - spoken by [non-lawful, non-chaotic] inhabitants of the Hydrosphere [equivalent to Primordial]
    • Auran - spoken by [non-good, non-evil] inhabitants of the Aerosphere [equivalent to Primordial]
    • Ignan - spoken by [chaotic] inhabitants of the Pyrosphere [equivalent to Abyssal, Primordial]
    • Luman - spoken by [good] inhabitants of the Hierosphere [equivalent to Celestial, Primordial]
    • Terran - spoken by [lawful] inhabitants of the Lithosphere [equivalent to Infernal, Primordial]
    • Vacuan - spoken by [evil] inhabitants of the Necrosphere [equivalent to Abyssal, Infernal]
  • Major Monster Languages
    • Draconic - spoken by dragons; written in the draconic script
    • Canny- spoken by fey creatures, plant creatures, etc.; written in the elvish script [equivalent of Sylvan]
    • Uncanny - spoken by inhuman or otherworldly monsters, evil fey; a “dialect” of Canny; written in the elvish script [equivalent of Deep Speech, Undercommon]
  • Secret Languages
    • Druidic
    • Thieves' Cant

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