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Halflings of Prace

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Language Analog: Basque
Inspiration:  Kender from Dragonlance (vaguely); Hearth Orlan from Pillars of Eternity (accidentally)
While looking for artwork that best represented my vision for halflings in Monvesia, I stumbled upon the orlan of Pillars of Earth.  Damnit ... someone thought of it first ...

Tainted Counterpart: Boggarts [which are furry, dog-like "kobolds"]
Temperamental Association: Altruism

Names:  See Basque Names.

Until a century ago, Halflings were little more than folklore.  The first halfling sightings were in the years following the Orc Wars, in the Honderreich.  Since they were easily dismissed as gnomes, or goblins, or [*shudder*] boggarts, most people never considered halflings real.  

In actuality, being confused for boggarts was't exactly incorrect:  halflings are the untainted counterparts of boggarts.  Boggarts had evolved from gnolls before the onset of the Orc Wars.  Gnolls, in turn, are the tainted counterparts of rakasta.  

About a hundred years ago, when a supposed halfling was on trial in Kynnysboro, it was revealed that he was susceptible to nipweed--a narcotic herb that only affects rakasta and their kin.  Since neither gnomes nor goblins are affected by this herb, this "halfling" was, therefore, rakasta-kin (and outside of human law).  He clearly wasn't rakasta, so he became the first, legally accepted "halfling" in Monvesia.  The halfling-boggart connection was confirmed soon afterward, when a family of halflings was rescued from a den on gnolls and boggarts.  These would all later settle in a rakasta village in Kynnysshire.

A witch from eastern Cuorria who was researching the Taint was able to use this discovery from the Honderreich to affet a "cure" for the Taint.  She applied her craft among a boggart den near her home village, and formed the second the halfling community.

Halfling cultural heritage is limited, and still developing. Lightfeet have borrowed much from the Sylvasta in the Honderreich, while Stout culture is drawn from the humans of eastern Cuorria.


The sub-races of halflings represent their pedigrees:
  • Lightfeet, or Kliemlander halflings, are from the Honderreich where their forefathers were naturally untainted
  • Stouts, or Granitsan halflings, are from Cuorria where their forefathers were artificially untainted
  • Ghostwise (Sword Coast), or Tjakeeri hanflings, are from the Pridelands; they are a new pedigree of halfling whose origin remains unknown
 Edited November 2nd, 2015; December 30th, 2015; September 4, 2018; September 13, 2018 [kobold -> boggart].

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