Nefret Characters

Race Options

Class Options

Ability Scores

Ability scores for this campaign will be generated using standard dice roll method (4d6 drop the lowest; re-rolling all 1s) for all characters generated in the presence of the DM.  Ability scores for any other characters will be generated using the purchase method at the high fantasy power level.

Background Skills

In this campaign, we will be making use of the Background Skills optional rules from Pathfinder Unchained.  These rules allow characters to focus their skill  points on more useful adventuring skills--granting bonus skill points for flavor-heavy, background skills.  Ask the DM for more information.


We will not be using the Teamwork Feats from the Advanced Player's Guide.  Other feats from that book are available.


No player character may begin play with an evil character.  This is not a game about party conflict.  Should characters become evil during the course of play, it will be the player's choice to either keep the character, or surrender it to the DM as an NPC.  If you choose to play the character, you will be responsible for the consequences of your actions.

Personal Quest

Why is your character an adventurer?  This is not Faerun or Golarion, so adventuring is not a recognized profession with a oversight guild.  For what reason is your character not farming or smithing or moneylending, or otherwise engaging in a mundane profession?  You have left your normal life behind and come to the new capital city of Peraten. What is your character hoping to achieve?
       Quest ideas should be discussed with the DM so that they can be formed to match the setting.  Each character's quest will help to further flesh out the particulars of the world.  You should be able to state your personal quest in a single sentence.

Experience & Player Rewards

We will not be following the traditional point-based method of gaining experience.  Instead, we will be following a session-based progression.  Exemplary roleplaying will be rewarded with Hero Points.
NOTE:  Optional feats and spells related to Hero Points will not be used in this campaign.
  • To advance in level, your character must survive a set number of sessions since gaining your last level. 
      • A "chapter" will consist of multiple encounters (both combat and non-combat), including no less than one challenging encounter.
    • 0 sessions to earn 1st level (... well, character creation ...)
    • 2 sessions to earn levels 2 - 4
    • 3 sessions to earn levels 5 - 9
    • 4 sessions to earn levels  10 - 16
    • 5 sessions to earn levels 17+
  • The campaign story is divided into chapters, each of which takes several sessions to complete.
  • At the DM's discretion, if your character made an effort to advance his or her personal quest in a meaningful way during a gaming session (or even between game sessions), you will be granted a bonus session.  Regardless of how much of an impact you make toward your personal quest, no chapter of the campaign will count more than twice toward character advancement.
    • Bonus chapters will not be awarded until after the character earns 3rd level
  • Reasons to gain Hero Points include (but are not limited to):
    • Gaining a level (all characters begin play with 1 Hero Point)
    • Acting in character in a meaningful way (such as making decisions based on character knowledge, background, or goals)
    • Assisting another character in achieving their personal quest
    • Ingenuity in play
  • Hero Points must be spent to be beneficial, so there is a Hero Point cap of 5 (3 for NPCs)
    • Characters could also be penalized by losing Hero Points.  Reasons to lose Hero Points include (but are not limited to):
      • Disrupting the game with unrelated and/or distracting conversation
      • Excessive rules-lawyering
      • Acting according to player knowledge instead of character knowledge
    • A character can have negative Hero Points without limitation; that player must earn back up to at least 1 Hero Point before being able to use Hero Points again.
    • A character with negative hero points equal to his or her current level or more will be considered to have one negative level until negative Hero Points are reduced below this.
      • If you have earned a bonus chapter for pursuing your personal quest, but have not yet used it to level up, you may sacrifice it to reduce any negative Hero Points you may have to a value equal to one less than your current level.

    New Player Characters

    New player characters--either replacement characters for current players, or the characters of new players--will begin play at the same level as the lowest leveled party member (minimum 1st).

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