Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monvesian Great Old Ones

The warlock entry in "Mages of Monvesia" offered the briefest look at the Great Old Ones of Monvesia--a class of beings called the HMDJVNW (pronounced "am-DIV-new"), which had once been worshiped by ancient humans and goliaths in their homeland of Desolation.  Seven HMDJVNW were named in that early post, but little else was offered beyond these names and an epithet each.

In this post, I will take some time to explore each of the HMDJVNW, including their individual roles in the world of Monvesia.
Behind the Scenes:  The name HMDJVNW is an adaptation of the initialism AMDIVNU--the the seven Temperaments, including Universalism.  Originally, AMDIVNU (whose name is always capitalized, and never replaced with a pronoun) was only one Great Old One; and AMDIVNU was once considered was the "god" of mages (or at least the originator of magic, see ENSHZRYD).  As the history of goliaths and humans has evolved with the setting, so has AMDIVNU also evolved--into the HMDJVNW.

Monday, February 27, 2017

MtG in Monvesia: Zendikar

There are currently three entries in the Plane Shift series--PDF crossovers between Wizards of the Coast's two biggest games:  Magic: The Gathering (MtG) and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).  In this series, the planes of MtG are given brief D&D stats to allow for adventuring in these worlds.  Here, I will be covering elements from the broken world of Zendikar, which introduces several new races and monsters inspired by that game world.

I will further explore Innistrad and Kaladesh in later posts.


Six races are introduced in this supplement.  While several have a natural place in Monvesia, others do not.


In the world of Zendikar, we are introdcued to three new subraces of elves.