Sunday, January 19, 2020

Vampyres (an OtherSPORE Kith)

The Vampyre is a new Thallain/Cambion kith for OtherSPORE; it is compatible with other Changeling: the Dreaming chronicles--1st, 2nd, or 20th Anniversary editions.  They are a Thallain counterpart to Redcaps, based on the legend of the creation of the prodigal Vampires (and would, therefore replace Ghasts in any chronicle in which they are used).  Inspiration is taken from the Ghast, the Night Hag, the Sevartal, and the Weeping Wight.

Vampyres can trace their lineage to an unseelie redcap whose hunger for flesh mutated into a thirst for blood.  This drew the attention of a cacodaemonic prince, who gave that redcap a place in his court in the Underworld.  This redcap became the patriarch of a new lineage of cambion who shared his thirst for blood and compelling nature.

These cambions are responsible for the vampire legends that have spread among mundanes.  However, a lot of mundane mythology regarding vampires is a result of misunderstanding the vampyres kith--as well as Hollywood extrapolation on key stories.   While they are not undead themselves, they often use near death experiences (often through blood loss) to trigger chrysalis among fledglings.  Garlic allergy, fear of running water, and fetishes for sleeping in dirt and/or coffins have all been personality traits of individual vampyres, but are not universal.


Childling vampyres (called waifs) would be described by mundanes as small for their apparent age--frail and sickly.  Their large, dark eyes simultaneously express innocence and sadness.  Waifs will use their appearance to inspire pity among those they manipulate.

Wilders are eternally youthful and beautiful.  They typically have lustrous black or red hair, full lips, bright eyes, and porcelain smooth skin.  They are commonly slim and graceful.  Wilder vampyres will manipulate others with their physical allure.

Grumps (called nosferatu) are lean and pale; hair is pale, stringy and thin--at least for those who still have it.  Fingers, nails, ears, and noses are all long and pointed and hooked; and fangs are prominent at all times.  Their complexion is blotchy and sickly, with bloodshot eyes and yellowing teeth.  Nosferatu will manipulate others with fear.




Dark Thirst: Vampyres have a thirst for blood.  Most prefer human blood, but when hunger strikes, even animal blood will do. While they share the redcap's sharp teeth, theirs are not as strong as that of their counsins'--unable to chew through large, solid objects.  Their teeth can puncture most thin materials, including metal, but cannot tear through it; nor are they able to digest such items.  If they attempt to use this Birthright in combat, they must spend a point of Glamour. The base damage from the bite is Strength + 2 (difficulty 5). Additionally they may try to drink an opponent's blood. This requires 5 successes on a Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 8) or three successes if the victim is grappled. The attack inflicts a minimum of three health levels of damage if successful, in addition to any damage rolled.

Force Heritage: If a vampyre enchants an unawakened changeling, they are “born” vampyre. If they can escape their mentor, they revert to their true kith, but always leans toward the Unseelie Court.

Living Legends: On a successful Manipulation + Empathy roll, resisted by the target’s Willpower, a vampyre can coerce the target into fulfilling a specific set of circumstances. The more successes, the more precisely the target complies. A vampyre cannot botch Manipulation rolls.


Silence of Blood: Vampyres must consume Glamour-rich blood at least once per week. For every day past the first week they do not drink the blood of a Dreamer or changeling, they grow increasingly sensitive to noise and sound, and suffer a +1 cumulative die of bashing damage from all sounds louder than a whisper, no matter the source. This penalty resets to nil once the vampyre has consumed an appropriate "meal".

Photophobe: Vampyres operate in darkness because even a hint of light blinds their eyes and sears their skin. For every minute a vampyre remains in light brighter than moonlight, she suffers one level of unsoakable aggravated damage. After their wounds are healed (one level per 24-hour period spent in total darkness), they are free to hunt down their attackers and exact their revenge.

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