Monday, November 23, 2015

Nefret, Chapter 4: Risen From the Sands

A letter has arrived at the Tooth and Hookah for our party of heroes.
Dearest Companions,
It is with deepest regrets that I must take my leave from you all for an indeterminate period.   The work I have been doing for the Embalmers' Guild--of which I am not at liberty to disclose--requires me to travel to Tem-Akh.  My duties there will require my full attention.
It has been a pleasure working with you all.  I do not know when, or even if, I will be able to join you again.  Should our paths cross, I look forward to that meeting.
Rumors throughout Peraten indicate that specially trained embalmers from throughout the city (and even elsewhere) have been recalled to Tem-Akh, the old capital.  As with Nephethus, many left before giving any indication that they would be gone for some time.  Some notices included requests not to follow.  The other embalmers who remain in the city to provide funerary services either feign ignorance of the "recall," or else refuse to discuss it.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Unearthed Arcana in Monvesia

The last two months of Unearthed Arcana have offered up some interesting character options--and I'd like to explore how (or even if) they fit in my campaign world. Spoiler alert:  Most are not appropriate. The warrior options, however ...
As with similar posts, all of this information will also be added to the appropriate, existing posts--revising and/or replacing information in those posts as necessary.

Rune Magic

While rune magic could have a place in Monvesia, The presented mechanic does not work with my ideal for the system.  Given the general setup of 5th edition, I am generally against the use of prestige classes in this version of the game.  However, I want rune magic to be a thing in Monvesia--but that will have to be a flavor skin on the artifice Wizard tradition.

As artificers, rune scribes/priests/crafters originate in dwarven tradition.  Gnomes continue the practice of rune magic, and they have taught it to humans in Galtain, the Honderreich, and Voztok.  By the current point in the timeline, rune work has spread throughout Monvesia.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Nefret, Chapter 3: The Sanctum of the Erudite Soul

Lady Sebti has agreed to let you explore one more site in Wati:  the Sanctum of the Erudite Soul, a temple to the minor netjer Heka.  Her only interest, she says, is that the previous team she'd hired insisted on being allowed to explore this site.  Sebti wants to know why.

While Kiji explored non-Aten worship near Peraten, Aloya spent time in the library at the Great Temple of the Sun.  She did research into the names Heka and Imanesh (the demonic head encountered in the House of Pentheru).  The only reference to Imanesh was a list of "malignant spirits" of Duat who were counted among the servants of Apep.  For Heka, the appellation of "Activated Soul" was uncovered, as well as his iconography--the holy symbol of his faith being a knot of flax between upraised arms (the heiroglyphs used to write his name).  You have seen this symbol before--being worn as amulets by Velriana Hypaxes and her companions.

Amulet worm my Velriana Hypaxes

Heka appears to have two forms, historically:  a man choking two entwined snakes; and a child holding a flail and wearing nothing but an elaborate crown.  Heka is a minor netjer of magic and medicine--portfolios more often associated with Isis and Thoth.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sword Coast Options in Monvesia

With the release of the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, there are several new character options:  variant races, class archetypes, and backgrounds.  Below are a review of the new class and race options, and how they fit (if at all) in Monvesia.  New backgrounds may be explored in another post at a later time; however, the options presented here are fairly unique to the Sword Coast, or are merely variations on existing backgrounds.
All of this information will also be added to the appropriate, existing posts--revising and/or replacing information in those posts as necessary.
 Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide