Thursday, July 6, 2017

Return to Monvesia

While I have been happily (and sporadically) posting about Monvesia for ... goodness me ... two years now, I have done so as a way of exploring the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules.  But, I now have the chance to actually run a game in this world again.  The best part?  A player asked to play in this world. Before I can run the game, however, I need to revisit what I have established for the setting, and decide if I have truly gone in the right direction with it.

Simply put, it is time for a retcon.

So much has been released for 5th edition since I last posted an adaptation.  So many options have already been folded into the world that make it seem a bit ... unwieldy.  While I don't need to revisit everything, there are some key elements that I will need to re-adapt.  Below, I will review some of the simplest ones.

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SPECIAL NOTE:  Back in April last year, I produced an index of 5th edition character options--both official and experimental--published up until that time.  I did not continue to update that list as actively as I should have, and it soon became severely outdated.  Because it no longer serves its purpose, I have deleted that post.  Maybe I will produce a similar index again--but not now.
 To start off the review process, here are some of the quickest retcons:
  • New Racial Entries
    • Aasimar are no longer the subject of footnote, but now have their own racial entry in Volo's Guide to Monsters, with their own subraces.
    • Rakasta no longer use home-brew stats, but are treated as Tabaxi (without changing their name, which is still intended to reflect their BD&D roots).
  • The adaptations of Magic: the Gathering have been removed
      • These adaptation belong to their original settings, and should not have been appropriated by my own curiosity.
    • Vasyl's life and legacy remain a mystery (this is really something I want to play out with a group of characters); I would still like to explore something like the strigoi in the future.
    • Elven subraces are simplified.
  • Less reliance on others' hombrew options.
      • With the amount of playtest material available through Unearthed Arcana, I find it best to favor that source over others.  If material I need cannot be found here, I will turn to the DM's Guild and other bloggers (or else create my own)
    • Mage options have been simplified.  The needs of the world are more important that the availability of content.
    • Priest options now include new Cleric domains and Druid circles introduced in Unearthed Arcana.

There are also a few elements that I am considering adding to the world, based on officially released material.  The notes below are brief and inquisitive; should I choose to explore any of these options further, they will receive (or be included in) longer posts.
NOTE:  Speaking of future posts, I don't think I'll be pursuing the "[More] Unearthed Arcana in Monvesia" model any longer.  Firstly, there is too much UA that I have missed to date--some of which is simply updates of previous material.  Secondly, Monvesia posts should each be thematic to the world itself; if a UA release fits a post thematically, its options will be included. 
  • Firbolgs in Monvesia - There are rumors of a race of giantfolk native to Monvesia, particularly in the region of Galtain.  Should these rumors prove to be true, then the nature of the Taint may come into question.  Instead of a new strain of Taint effecting goliaths, trolls may prove to be tainted firbolgs.  If this is true, then bugbears may not be of human origin, as once suspected--but what might that un-taintend race be?
  • Kenku in Monvesia - With catfolk and monkeyfolk and and lizardfolk, could there be a place of birdfolk in Monvesia as well?

I look forward to exploring and expanding the world of Monvesia further through the interaction of a new group of characters.  I look forward to stepping away from the Honderreich to see the culture and local religious orders of a different nation.  I look forward to seeing how the world expands and is rewritten based on the needs, desires, and actions of new players and characters.

I have sat alone in this sandbox for too long.  I wonder which castles I have built will remain, and which will be torn down.

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