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MtG in Monvesia: Zendikar

There are currently three entries in the Plane Shift series--PDF crossovers between Wizards of the Coast's two biggest games:  Magic: The Gathering (MtG) and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).  In this series, the planes of MtG are given brief D&D stats to allow for adventuring in these worlds.  Here, I will be covering elements from the broken world of Zendikar, which introduces several new races and monsters inspired by that game world.

I will further explore Innistrad and Kaladesh in later posts.


Six races are introduced in this supplement.  While several have a natural place in Monvesia, others do not.


In the world of Zendikar, we are introdcued to three new subraces of elves.

  • Tajuru are similar to City Elves in other settings.  In Monvesia, they are the Uncrossed--elves who never experienced the Crossing before reaching adulthood.  Originally, this position was held by the Wood Elves (see below)
  • Joraga are Wood Elves.  The elves of Zendikar have a base ability score increase of Wisdom, so their wood elves gain a dexterity bonus--this chance is not reflected in Monvesia.  In Monvesia, an elf who Crosses at a neutral location will become either a Wood Elf (rural Crossing) or a High Elf (urban Crossing).
  • Mul Daya are the equivalent of Monvesia's Shadow Elves (Drow in other setings).


As the tainted counterparts of gnomes, goblins retain much of the same personality.
  • Grotag (animal handling) are tainted Forest Gnomes, commonly called Wilder Goblins.
  • Lavastep (rocky/underground) are tainted Deep Gnomes, commonly called Under Goblins.
  • Tuktuk (thieves tools) are tainted Rock Gnomes, commonly called Flint Goblins.

Other Races

The humans of Zendikar are no different than the human of most campaign worlds--so they already exist in Monvesia :-)

The kor are bound so closely to the lore of Zendikar, that I cannot see them fitting naturally into the world of Monvesia (or even in any other).

Nor do I do not see a natural place for this version of the merfolk on Monvesia at this time, either. The creeds of this race are clearly tied to the elemental properties of blue mana in Magic: the Gathering, binding them to campaigns that take place in that game's worlds.

The vampires of Zendikar have already been explored in another post, slipping nearly seamlessly into the culture of Voztok.


Three new stat blocks are presented in this web supplement, two of which have a natural place among the planar inhabitants of Monvesia.

Image result for plane shift zendikar felidar

[Beast] Archons

Archons in Magic the Gathering become Beast Archons in Monvesia.  These angels are counted among the inhabitants of the Ivory City of the Heirosphere and the Golden City of the Lithosphere.


Felidars are counted among the inhabitants of the Ivory City of the Heirosphere as well as the Crismson City of the Pyrosphere.  They are spirits venerated by the rakasta peoples, and are highly sought-after mounts by their heroes--particularly those seeking to gain immortality.


The alternate kraken presented here is unique to the iconography of Zendikar, and does not have a place in Monvesia.

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