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D&D 5E Index of Character Options

I love making lists and cataloging things.  I also really like knowledge of all possible options to be made clear and freely available.  So:  Here is a compiled list of the Races, Classes, Backgrounds, and Feats of Dungens & Dragons 5th Edition.  This list includes all official material (core books, adventure books, Unearthed Arcana articles, other PDFs, etc.), as well as any home-brew items that I have posted about on this blog (my own and those of others).
You may notice one or two homebrew items that aren't on the blog ... yet.  They are coming.  I just need to sit down and formally write up the item's parent post.
As more official materials are released, or as more fan-made content is added to the Generic Cleric, this list will be updated.

Several items appear in red.  These are options that I feel are missing in the game--and I will either seek out or create homebrews for them.  Of course, if official items are released that fill these niches, the red lines we be removed when the list is updated.

Index of Character Options

Core Sources
[Secondary Sources marked in brackets]
PHB, Player's Handbook
DMG, Dungeon Master's Guide
MM, Monster Manual
UAYYYY-MM, Unearthed Arcana article; will often appear as a secondary source
HotDQ, Hoard of the Dragon Queen
RoT, Rise of Tiamat
PotA, Princes of the Apocalypse
EEPC, Elemental Evil Player's Companion; may appear as a secondary source
OotA, Out of the Abyss
SCAG, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
CoS, Curse of Strahd
SKT, Storm King's Thunder
VGM, Volo's Guide to Monsters

Homebrew Sources
HB, Homebrew from a “non-standardized” source
HBDMG, Homebrew from the Dungeon Masters Guild
HBEGC, Homebrew from Eric the Generic Cleric
HBENW, Homebrew from EN World Races


  • Aarakocra, EEPC
  • Aasimar, DMG
  • Changeling, UA2015-02
  • Dragonborn, PHB
  • Dwarf, PHB
    • Grey Dwarves (Duergar), SCAG
    • Hill Dwarf, PHB
    • Mountain Dwarf, PHB
  • Elf, PHB
    • Dark Elf (Drow), PHB
    • Eladrin, DMG
    • High Elf, PHB
    • Wood Elf, PHB
  • Genasi, PotA [EEPC]
    • Air Genasi, PotA [EEPC]
    • Earth Genasi, PotA [EEPC]
    • Fire Genasi, PotA [EEPC]
    • Water Genasi, PotA [EEPC]
  • Gnome, PHB
    • Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin), SCAG [EEPC]
    • Forest Gnome, PHB
    • Rock Gnome, PHB
  • Goliath, EEPC
    • Fire Goliath
    • Frost Goliath
    • Stone Goliath, EEPC [HBEGC {Link}]
    • Storm Goliath, HBEGC {Link}
  • Half-Elf, PHB
  • Half-Orc, PHB
  • Halfling, PHB
    • Ghostwise, SCAG
    • Lightfoot, PHB
    • Stout, PHB
  • Human, PHB
  • Minotaur, UA2015-05
  • Rakasta/Catfolk, HBEGC {Link}
  • Shifter, UA2015-02
    • Beasthide, UA2015-02
    • Cliffwalk, UA2015-02
    • Longstride, UA2015-02
    • Longtooth, UA2015-02
    • Razorclaw, UA2015-02
    • Wildhunt, UA2015-02
  • Tiefling, PHB [Mixed Variants, SCAG]
    • Abyssal Tiefling, UA2015-12 [SCAG]
    • Infernal Tiefling, PHB
  • Warforged, UA2015-02
  • Vanara, HBENW {Link}
    • High Vanara, HBENW
    • Treetop Vanara, HBENW & HBEGC {Link}
    • Whitecape Vanara, HBENW
  • Universal Sub-Races, UA2016-04
    • Half-SpawnHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-03]
    • Revenant, UA2016-04


  • Barbarian, PHB
    • Path of the Battlerager, SCAG
    • Path of the Berserker, PHB
    • Path of the Bloodrage SavageHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-03]
    • Path of the ThanebornHB {Link}
    • Path of the Totem Warrior, PHB
      • Bear, PHB
      • Eagle, PHB
      • Elk, SCAG
      • Tiger, SCAG
      • Wolf, PHB
  • Bard, PHB
    • College of Charm (“Beguiler”)
    • College of Lore (“Loremaster”), PHB
    • College of Meteora (“Windsinger”)
    • College of Satire (“Jester”), UA2016-01
    • College of Swords (“Blade[dancer]”), UA2016-01
    • College of Valor (“Skald”), PHB
  • Cleric, PHB
    • Arcana Domain, SCAG
    • City Domain, UA2015-08 <Modern>
    • Community Domain
    • Creation Domain  HB {Link}
    • Death Domain, DMG
    • Industry Domain [Trade/Commerce/Labor]
    • Justice Domain
    • Knowledge Domain, PHB
    • Life Domain, PHB
    • Light Domain, PHB
    • Nature Domain, PHB
    • Revelry Domain HB {Link}
    • Tempest Domain, PHB
    • Travel Domain HB {Link}
    • Trickery Domain, PHB
    • War Domain, PHB
  • Druid, PHB
    • Circle of the BeastHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-05]
    • Circle of the DeathbloomHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-05]
    • Circle of the Fountain, HBDMG {Link} [UA2016-05HBENW {Link}]
    • Circle of the Land, PHB
    • Circle of the Moon, PHB
    • Circle of the Solstice, HB {Link}
  • Fighter, PHB
    • Fighting Styles
      • Archery, PHB
      • Close Quarters Shooter, UA2015-11
      • Defense, PHB
      • Dueling, PHB
      • Great Weapon Fighting, PHB
      • Mariner, UA2015-05
      • Protection, PHB
      • Tunnel Fighter, UA2015-11
      • Two-Weapon Fighting, PHB
    • Battle Master, PHB
    • Blood ThrallHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-03]
    • Cavalier, UA2016-01
    • Champion, PHB
    • Eldritch Knight, PHB
    • Monster Hunter, UA2016-04
    • Purple Dragon Knight / Banneret, SCAG
    • Scout, UA2016-01
  • Monk, PHB
    • Way of Inner Strength [passive, defensive, mystic tradition]
    • Way of Shadow (“Ninja,” “Shadowdancer”), PHB
    • Way of the Four Elements, PHB
    • Way of the Long Death, SCAG
    • Way of the Open Hand, PHB
    • Way of the Soulknife, HB {Link}
    • Way of the Sun Soul, SCAG
  • Mystic, UA2016-02 [UA2015-07]
    • Order of the Awakened, UA2016-02 [UA2015-07]
    • Order of the Immortal, UA2016-02 [UA2015-07]
  • Paladin, PHB
    • Fighting Styles
      • Close Quarters Shooter, UA2015-11
      • Defense, PHB
      • Dueling, PHB
      • Great Weapon Fighting, PHB
      • Mariner, UA2015-05
      • Protection, PHB
      • Tunnel Fighter, UA2015-11
    • Oath of Devotion, PHB
    • Oath of the Ancients, PHB
    • Oath of the Crown, SCAG
    • Oath of Vengeance, PHB
  • Ranger, PHB 
      • [No-Spell Variant, UA2015-04]
      • [Re-Imagined Variant, UA2015-09]
    • Fighting Styles
      • Archery, PHB
      • Close Quarters Shooter, UA2015-11
      • Defense, PHB
      • Dueling, PHB
      • Mariner, UA2015-05
      • Tunnel Fighter, UA2015-11
      • Two-Weapon Fighting, PHB
    • Beast Master, PHB
    • Deep Stalker, UA2015-11
    • Hunter, PHB
  • Rogue, PHB
    • Arcane Trickster, PHB
    • Assassin, PHB
    • Inquisitive, UA2016-04
    • Mastermind, SCAG
    • Swashbuckler, SCAG [UA2015-05]
    • Thief, PHB
  • Sorcerer, PHB
    • Bloodline SorceryHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-03]
    • Draconic Bloodline, PHB
    • Favored Soul, UA2015-04
    • Psionic Talent, HBENW {Link}
    • Shadow, UA2015-11
    • Storm Sorcery (“Stormborn”), SCAG [UA2015-05]
    • Wild Magic, PHB
  • Warlock, PHB
    • The Archfey, PHB
    • The Celestial
    • The Fiend, PHB
    • The Genie [or Elemental Prince]
    • Ghost in the Machine, UA2015-08 <Modern>
    • The Great Old One, PHB
    • The Undying, SCAG
    • The Undying Light, UA2015-11
  • Wizard, PHB
    • Archivist, HBENW {Link}
    • Artificer, UA2015-02
    • Bladesinging (“Bladesinger”), SCAG
    • Blood MagicHBDMG {Link} [UA2016-03]
    • Specialist Wizard, PHB
      • School of Abjuration (“Abjurer”), PHB
      • School of Conjuration (“Conjurer”), PHB
      • School of Divination (“Diviner”), PHB
      • School of Enchantment (“Enchanter”), PHB
      • School of Evocation (“Evoker”), PHB
      • School of Illusion (“Illionsionist”), PHB
      • School of Necromancy (“Necromancer”), PHB
      • School of Transmutation (“Transmuter”), PHB
    • Technomancy (“Technomancer”), UA2015-08 <Modern>

Prestige Classes

  • Rune Scribe, UA2015-10


  • Acolyte, PHB
  • Charlatan, PHB
    • Noble IncognitoHBEGC {Link}
  • City Watch, SCAG
    • Investigator, SCAG
  • Clan Crafter, SCAG
  • Cloistered Scholar, SCAG
  • Courtier, SCAG
  • Criminal, PHB
    • Spy, PHB
  • Entertainer, PHB
    • CourtesanHBEGC {Link}
    • Gladiator, PHB
  • Faction Agent, SCAG
  • Far Traveler, SCAG
  • Folk Hero, PHB
  • Guild Artisan, PHB
  • Guild Merchant, PHB
  • Haunted One, CoS
  • Hermit, PHB
    • Hedge Witch/WizardHBEGC {Link}
  • Inheritor, SCAG
  • Knight of the Order, SCAG
  • Mercenary Veteran, SCAG
  • Noble, PHB
    • Knight, PHB
  • Outlander, PHB
    • FugitiveHBEGC {Link}
  • Sage, PHB
    • Tower StudentHBEGC {Link}
  • Sailor, PHB
    • Pirate, PHB
  • Soldier, PHB
    • SellswordHBEGC {Link}
  • Urban Bounty Hunter, SCAG
  • Urchin, PHB
  • Uthgardt Tribe Member, SCAG
  • Waterdhavian Noble, SCAG


  • Alchemist, UA2016-06
  • Alert, PHB
  • Athlete, PHB
  • Actor, PHB
  • Blade Mastery, UA2016-06
  • Blind Fighter, HBENW {Link}
  • BUrglar, UA2016-06
  • Charger, PHB
  • Charmer, HBENW {Link}
  • Crossbow Expert, PHB
  • Defensive Duelist, PHB
  • Dragonmark, UA2015-02
  • Dual Wielder, PHB
  • Dungeon Delver, PHB
  • Durable, PHB
  • Elemental Adept, PHB [HBEGC {Link}]
  • Fell Handed, UA2016-06
  • Flail Mastery, UA2016-06
  • Gourmand, UA2016-06
  • Grappler, PHB
  • Great Weapon Master, PHB
  • Healer, PHB
  • Heavily Armored, PHB
  • Heavy Armor Master, PHB
  • Inspiring Leader, PHB
  • Keen Mind, PHB
  • Lightly Armored, PHB
  • Linguist, PHB
  • Lucky, PHB
  • Mage Slayer, PHB
  • Magic Initiate, PHB
  • Martial Adept, PHB
  • Martial Artist, HBENW {Link}
  • Master of Disguise, UA2016-06
  • Medium Armor Master, PHB
  • Mobile, PHB
  • Moderately Armored, PHB
  • Mounted Combatant, PHB
  • Observant, PHB
  • Polearm Master, PHB
  • Resiliant, PHB
  • Ritual Caster, PHB
  • Savage Attacker, PHB
  • Sentinel, PHB
  • Sharpshooter, PHB
  • Shield Master, PHB
  • Skilled, PHB
  • Skulker, PHB
  • Spear Mastery, UA2016-06
  • Spell Sniper, PHB
  • Tavern Brawler, PHB
  • Tough, PHB
  • War Caster, PHB
  • Warhammer Master, UA2016-06
  • Weapon Master, PHB
Edited June 24th 2016; June 28th, 2016; July 3rd, 2016; July 4th, 2016.


  1. Hi! I have been interested in playing D&D for a while now, but sometimes I feel like it seems a bit overwhelming at times. Thanks for creating this list of character options.

    1. The best part about 5th edition is that there re FEWER options than 3rd or 4th. A lot of the subtly different classes and races were merged together--which makes learning the game a lot easier.

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