Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Unearthed Arcana in Monvesia

The last two months of Unearthed Arcana have offered up some interesting character options--and I'd like to explore how (or even if) they fit in my campaign world. Spoiler alert:  Most are not appropriate. The warrior options, however ...
As with similar posts, all of this information will also be added to the appropriate, existing posts--revising and/or replacing information in those posts as necessary.

Rune Magic

While rune magic could have a place in Monvesia, The presented mechanic does not work with my ideal for the system.  Given the general setup of 5th edition, I am generally against the use of prestige classes in this version of the game.  However, I want rune magic to be a thing in Monvesia--but that will have to be a flavor skin on the artifice Wizard tradition.

As artificers, rune scribes/priests/crafters originate in dwarven tradition.  Gnomes continue the practice of rune magic, and they have taught it to humans in Galtain, the Honderreich, and Voztok.  By the current point in the timeline, rune work has spread throughout Monvesia.


Underdark Character Options

There is no equivalent to the Underdark in Monvesia.  This was part of the design process of the campaign, and a conscious decision on my part.  Drow (as unseelie elves), duergar (as commoner caste dwarves), svirfneblin (as Voztokny gnomes), and even some aberrations still have a connection to the world--but not through this subterranean cultural paradigm.  Beyond darkness and loneliness, there are no horrors beneath the mountains.  There are several nicecharacter options that were crafted for this region, however.

Fighting Styles (Fighter, Paladin, Ranger)

  • Close Quarters Shooter is a good option for an urban-based combatant.
  • Tunnel Fighter is a good option for any palace or temple guard.

Ranger: Deep Stalker Archetype

Though there was no love for the Ranger in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, that love can at least be found here.  While I find the archetype weak outside of the Underdark of Forgotten Realms, I see not reason why it cannot suffice for a general [Deep] Stalker archetype until something else is provided.  Should a character choose to play one, certain features of this archetype might prove to not be as useful--so I reserve the right to house rule any changes at that time.  Then again, there is no reason why Deep Stalker shouldn't be available as a dwarven/gnomish tradition for the Ranger.

Sorcerer:  Shadow Sorcery & Warlock: The Undying Light Patron

For these options, I need only repeat/paraphrase my comments concerning the Fiend patron:
Monvesian mages do not make pacts with the Spheres.  Those which seek out these being typically awaken a sorcerous talent long before a pact can be solidified.
The elemental revision of the Draconic bloodline remains the canonical planar magic of Monvesia.

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