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Psionicists of Monvesia

It is time to venture into the realm of psionics in 5th edition and in Monvesia.  Under the Pathfinder rules, the full psionics system (updated in Psionics Unleashed and Ultimate Psionics) was assumed, though none of my players pursued any of those options--even when knowledge of the temperaments was included in the Knowledge (psionics) skill.  In 5th edition, a more subtle approach can be used.

In Monvesia, there are both mystics and wild talents (members of other classes who have developed psionic ability).

Wild Talents

When I saw the Great Old One patron for the 5th edition warlock, I saw how psionics could be incorporated seamlessly into the existing rules.  While the mystic has been evolving well into a primary manifester, psionics can still be an option for characters that pursue other classes.  Such "manifesters" (to borrow the 3.x term) are called wild talents.  In a world where psionics are rare, wild talents are more common than mystics.


Mystics are a rare class, for there are no schools or traditions that teach the psionic arts. Halflings, half-orcs, ogrillons, and others who may have survived the Taint typically manifest sorcerous ability along with their psionic power; while pursuing a Great Old One (the creators of the Taint) leads to a warlock's pact.

Mystics are not those who have merely encountered the Taint, but those who have come to see it for what it truly is: They are the ones who have come to understand how the Taint works, and now seek to use that same power with other purposes. Those who follow the Order of the Awakened seek to master the origins of the taint, perfecting their minds and mental prowess. Those who follow the Order of the Immortal focus themselves on the Taint's physical effects, perfecting the bodies and their evolutionary potential.
For full details, see "Savants of Monvesia."
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